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Name: FES – Financial Education ServicesFES - Financial Education Services Reviews
Website: www.financialeducationservices.com

Price: $189-289 plus $89 monthly
Type: Network Marketing, MLM
Overall Rank: 6 out of 10

What is FES – Financial Education Services?

Financial Education Services is a credit restoration company that is often referred to by its initials, FES.

Since going into business over 10 years ago, FES has expanding to 13 services and added a multi-level marketing platform to help people make money by sharing the business. If it has anything to do with financial education and security, this company has it as one of its services.


What I Liked about FES:

1. It’s more than just credit restoration

There are other credit repair services that charge the same or more than Financial Education Services, but only offer one product, credit repair.

FES has credit repair, life insurance, Life Lock, credit monitoring, secured credit cards, and more. It’s one of the few credit repair services that gives you a reason to keep the service after they’re done fixing your credit.

2. Charity donations

Youth Financial Literacy Foundation charityThis one is kind of a plus and a negative at the same time. The price of Financial Education Services used to be $87 per month. They raised it to $89 per month. The extra $2 goes to the Youth Financial Literacy Foundation.

That’s great. I’m all for charity, but if they wanted to be so caring, they should have left the price at $87 and took $2 of their profit to donate to charity.

I don’t think customers should be forced into making donations, and if they are, at least let them choose the charity they want to donate to. But regardless of that, it’s still a good cause.

3. Free life insurance that doesn’t check your health.

After you reach a certain level of success on the network marketing side of the business and you’ve been with the company for a certain amount of time, you’re eligible for free life insurance.

This is a great benefit for everyone, but especially great for people who might have had trouble getting life insurance on their own because of health issues.

FES doesn’t check your health before you’re awarded the life insurance. The only thing they check is how well you’re doing at sharing the network marketing program.

4. Free credit repair, life insurance, and everything else after 5 sign ups.

The thing I like about Financial Education Services is that every product is something important that people need in their lives. FES has credit repair, credit monitoring, articles, and a few other things that I’ll get into later. There are 13 services in all, and they’re all important products that contribute to good financial well-being.

To make it even better, you can have all those services for free if you join the networking marketing opportunity and sponsor 5 people into the business. It doesn’t matter if they’re customers or reps as long their account is active.


What I Didn’t Like about FES:

1. Seemed like they were making it last longer than it needed to.

Credit restoration time lengthYears ago, I was in financial trouble. I wasn’t able to pay a lot of my bills so my credit was very poor. I filed bankruptcy and worked on making my credit better by making sure I was perfect on everything that came after the bankruptcy.

It wasn’t until I heard about Financial Education Services that I even knew credit restoration was an option.

I will give FES credit for getting the bankruptcy taken off my credit report. They got it off within the first three tries.

Unfortunately, when they got it taken off, all the late payments that the bankruptcy wiped off my credit report were added back on. I had no idea that was going to happen. I was very upset.

My sponsor told me to just stay the course, meaning FES would challenge the late payments that had been added back on. It made sense, but it meant I’d have to continue paying that membership fee for who knows how long while they tried to get them off and there was no guarantee they’d ever get them off.

FES seemed to wait an unnecessarily long time to send the challenges in. It was always exactly once every two months even when I’d sent them all the updates a lot sooner than that.

It didn’t make a difference whether I sent the updates in 3 weeks or 7. They’d always wait a full 2 months to send the new challenges. It dragged the process out longer than it needed to.

2. Do you know you can fix your own credit?

Unless you’re someone who has a lot more money than time, you might want to consider learning how to do this yourself.

Credit repair is not difficult at all. I only joined Financial Education Services because I was more interested in the money-making side of the company. When I found a better way to make money (see my #1 recommendation), I decided to start looking into finishing the process myself.

Search google for the phrase “how to do credit repair myself” or “how to do credit restoration myself.”

Or if you’d rather I post an article about how to fix your own credit, leave a comment at the bottom. If I get enough requests, I’ll do it.


Who is FES For?

  • People in need of credit restoration
  • Network marketers
  • Anyone whose credit score is below 700
  • People looking to augment their financial education
  • Entrepreneurs

FES Products and Services

The main product is called the Protection Plan membership, which includes all 13 services:

  1. Credit Education – articles about financial matters
  2. Credit Builder – the credit restoration program
  3. Credit Attoney
  4. Smart Credit
  5. FES Debt Zero
  6. Life Lock – credit monitoring service
  7. Financial Lockbox
  8. Life Insurance (only available to MLM reps) – up to $100k
  9. FES Travel – discounts on travel
  10. My Care Plan
  11. Discount Shopping – self-explanatory
  12. YFL Family Mint
  13. RX Discount Card – discounts on prescription drugs

Of these services, the one I found most helpful, aside from the credit builder, was the credit education articles. Reading these files is also what made me realize I was doing myself a disservice by allowing someone else to repair my credit.

The articles were interesting, easy to follow, and they made me realize it was best to learn how credit works so I would always know how to handle situations when they came up.

I’m not going to list everything, but some topics covered were…

  1. The history of credit scores
  2. What’s included in your credit file
  3. What to look for when reviewing your credit file
  4. What is Vantage score
  5. How to maintain good credit
  6. Prepaid cards
  7. Debit card management
  8. Home equity loans
  9. Credit building tips
  10. Identity theft
  11. Credit myths

As intriguing as they were, information on any of these subjects can be found with a Google search.


FES Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is huge bonuses with mediocre residual monthly commissions.

The figures that you’re seeing below are all bonuses that you get from the initial signing of a new member. You get $12 per month for every month that they keep their membership active.

FES Compensation Plan

Financial Education Services Support

This is a network marketing company and they only way in is to join under a rep so you’ll have support in multiple ways.

Your sponsor will usually be a part of a team that does periodic trainings for other reps and customers.

You also get help from corporate by calling FES at 248-848-9065 or emailing them at info@financialeducationservices.com.


Financial Education Services Price

The FES Customer enrollment fee is $189 plus $89 per month.

The FES network marketing rep fee is $289 plus $89 per month.

As a network marketing rep, you don’t have to pay for your membership once you’ve sponsored 5 people into the business as customers, reps, or any combination of the two.


My Final Opinion of Financial Education Services

FES has great services as far as providing education for financial matters, but I question the amount of time it takes in between challenges.

If the only thing you’re interested in is getting your credit fixed, I’d recommend Lexington Law, which has good reviews no matter where you look, or just learn how to do it yourself. It isn’t hard.

The money-making opportunity has huge bonuses, but the residual income is so minuscule compared to the price you pay that I wonder if it’s even worth it.

If you’re looking up information about FES because you want to make money and educate yourself on financial topics I would recommend Wealth Generators instead. Like FES, you will get a financial education, but you’ll also get several services whose only purpose is to make you money on their own.

Or consider my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. It has the best system for turning people who have never made money online into superstar Internet marketers. Either of the two would be a better choice.

FINAL RATING: 6 out of 10

Click here to see my #1 Recommendation

Click here to visit FES

Did you enjoy this review? Are you currently a member of FES or considering joining? I like to hear from my readers. Use the Comments field below to tell me what you think, and if you got any value from this review, please Share it.


This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. LaShaun Williams

    Yes, it’s easy to end. As soon as I realized the process was getting dragged out, I cancelled and that was the end of FES for me. It isn’t hard at all.

  2. Norman

    Hi LaShaun,

    Very interesting post. I can definitely see where FES could be helpful for someone with little to no financial acumen looking to set their credit straight and who are in need of guidance. Just one question: assuming you were interested only in credit repair, once your credit has been fixed and you are back on track, how easy is it to end the relationship with FES? is there a notification period? Or can you cancel from one month to the next?

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. LaShaun Williams

    Hmm, Wealthy Affiliate is a great solution for that. That’s the only money-making opportunity where you don’t have to be in the money-making field to make money. They teach you how to get paid to promote whatever you want, be it a hobby or anything else. You might want to look into it. 

    I remember Prepaid Legal. I think they call it Legal Shield now. Good business, but yes, recruiting is a big part of it, and most people don’t need a lawyer on stand-by like that. Lol.

  4. Grant

    Interesting post, a LaShaun. Seems like any product can be made into a MLM business, even credit repair. Years ago I joined a business called Prepaid Legal Services. It was MLM also and provided legal services when needed and members paid monthly. I even used it a couple of times myself. My problem with MLM opportunities is that I don’t like to recruit people. I’ve never been able to do it.

  5. LaShaun Williams

    Thanks for commenting. The monthly fee is not for the benefit of signing people, though. The monthly fee is for the 13 services. There is an extra $100 one-time fee for affiliate status that is paid at the beginning. That’s the only fee FES has for signing people up. 

  6. Melissa

    Hi LaShaun, this is interesting to me as I’m always on the look out for learning about new products and services available to people to help them build their own businesses from home.
    This one sounds like it has some benefits to it, but it also has a few red flags which I’m glad you raised.
    The fees seem really high to me – that’s a lot of money to be paying every month for benefit of signing people up. And the drawn out process when they are actually supposed to be helping people is a concern to me. I’m going to give this one a miss.

  7. LaShaun Williams

    Financial Education Services could benefit you in that way, but as I said in the article, everything they teach can be found with a Google search. I’m not saying FES isn’t worth joining. They do their job, but it gets expensive so it’s a matter of what you have the most of: time or money. If you can afford FES, use them (or Lexington Law). If money is tight, which it is for most people looking for credit restoration, you might want to spend a few weeks looking up how to repair credit yourself. Thanks for reading.

  8. Kegan

    Excellent review – I worked in finance for 8 years in my youth, and I can attest that repairing your credit is a must if you are going to build financial security for the future.

    I already have a little bit of know-how where finance is conrcned – Do you think FES will still benefit me from a personal education point of view?

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