What is Healthywage About?

What is Healthywage About? | Healthywage Reviews

Name: Healthy WageHealthy Wage Challenge Reviews
Price: $10 average per month
Type: Contest
Overall Rank: 8 out of 10

Healthy Wage vs Healthy Wager

Reviews for companies like Healthy Wage can be a challenge to write because there are 2 ways to make money. The affiliate program is one. Participating in the weight loss challenge is the other.

Healthy Wage is the name of the company. You make money with the affiliate program by promoting the actual company. This is something that would appeal to entrepreneurs.

Healthy Wager (with an R) is the name of the weight loss challenge that Healthy Wage owns. This would appeal to people who just want to lose weight and make money while they’re doing it.

This review is for the Healhy Wage Challenge, which is for people who want to get paid to lose weight. The affiliate program (for entrepreneurs) has a separate review.

What is HealthyWage About? | HealthyWage Reviews

The Healthy Wage Challenge is a great way to cash in on what we should all be doing anyway: getting in shape.

Essentially, all you’re doing is placing a bet on how much weight you can lose within a specified amount of time.

If you fail to lose the agreed upon weight within the agreed upon time limit, you lose the agreed upon money. If you succeed, you win. You get your money back, plus the winnings.


What I Like about Healthy Wage is:

1. If you’re going to lose weight anyway, you might as well get paid to do it

Health is something that should be a priority in everybody’s life. I’ve known a lot of people who were overweight and didn’t receive a dime to lose any of it. Consider it a blessing that we found this business and have the opportunity to get paid for doing what we need to do anyway.

2. You can buy extra time

If you fall behind, which may happen because old habits will not go down without a fight, you have the option of buying extra time to reach your goals.

I started out well with my fitness goals. I got side-tracked and completely forgot about Healthywage until someone asked about how it was going. Three months had passed and I was still about the same weight as when I started.

My wager was to lose 100 pounds in 9 months. Now I had to lose 100 pounds in 6 months. That’s possible, but not without adopting some practices that weren’t so healthy.

I was looking through my account one day when I noticed a link that said “Buy More Time.” I didn’t even know about that option.

I’m glad it was because I was a little too ambitious in my wager and a little too distracted to keep up with it. It costed an extra $72 to add six extra months, but now I get 12 months to lose 100 pounds. That’s about 1.9 pounds per week. I won’t make as much money after you factor in the extra $72, but it’s better losing the $108 that I wagered.

Keep in mind that I don’t know if this option is available to everyone or if they’re using algorithms to choose people who are still likely to fail so they can make more money. Play it safe and bet as if it doesn’t exist.

3. You win whether you win or lose

Finding motivation to get started losing weight is the biggest problem for some people. It was for me.

Not everyone will win their wager, but joining the company is usually all it takes to get people moving in the right direction. Even if your goal is to lose 50 pounds and you only lose 40, you’re going to feel way better, be healthier, and look better with that weight loss. Your health and self-esteem are way more important than money.


What I Didn’t Like about the Healthy Wage is:

They’ve brought the hustle of a casino to the fitness world

Bet on how much weight you will loseI understand that this is a business and some people have to lose in order for the house to stay in business.

I also understand that the people participating in the program are adults who are capable of making adult decisions and HealthyWage isn’t responsible for those decisions.

But despite knowing all of that, I don’t like how they entice you into placing a wage that you’re likely to fail by offering higher payouts on difficult goals, but like I said, I understand why they’d do it.

It makes sense from a business standpoint, and in their defense, they do offer an extension if you fall behind.


Who is Healthy Wage For?

  • People who are about to lose weight anyway
  • People who want to get paid to lose weight
  • People who need an incentive to lose weight
  • People who just want to make money
  • People who like to gamble
  • People who enjoy a challenge


HealthyWage Products and Services

Healthy Wager

As I mentioned above, when you first sign up, the personal goal that you set for yourself is called a Healthy Wager (with an R). Place your bet, be smart about it, and win some money.

The Healthy Wage Challenge

One thing I thought was awesome about Healthywage is that they allow you to make side bets called Healthy Wage Challenges. They can be a personal effort or a team effort.

With personal Healthy Wage Challenges, you place additional bets on how much weight you will lose, but in a smaller amount of time, and still within your original time frame.

For example, my original wager was 100 pounds in 9 months. I can make a Healthy Wage Challenge of losing 6% of my current weight within 3 months. An unlimited number people can participate in these challenges. All of your wagers are added to a pot and the pot is split between everyone who accomplishes there goal. I saw a pot that was up to $17,235. If 10 people accomplished their goals, you’d get $1,723.50 each. How awesome is that!

It’s exactly the same for team Healthy Wage Challenges except your team has to average the weight loss goal to win.

For example, using the same numbers from above, let’s say you have 5 people on your team.

Everyone weighs 200 pounds each.

Your weights added together is 1,000 pounds. Six percent would be 60 pounds. Let’s say you lost 20 pounds, 3 people lost 9 pounds each, and the last person lost 15 pounds. As a team, you lost 62 pounds total, which means you win.

The pot would be split between your team and any other teams that also achieved their goals.

Corporate Healthy Wage Challenges are also available. Similar to a team challenge, but with people from your job.
It’s a good way to encourage bonding at the work place.

The Step challenge is the last Healthy Wage Challenge. You win by wearing a pedometer to track how many steps you’ve taken. It can be a total number of steps or an increase in percentage of steps taken from a previous challenge.

You’re allowed to have up to 10 running at the same time, so if you’re disciplined and stay the course, losing weight is about to become very profitable for you.

The Referral Program

Healthy Wage has a referral program, not to be confused with the affiliate program that I was talking about earlier.

The affiliate program is a different option that pays as if you’re working for the company. Money is paid regardless of whether you participate in the contest or not.

The referral program works the same as the affiliate program, but instead of getting a pay check, you get extra money added to your winnings, meaning if you get $600 for winning and you refer someone, your winnings will increase to $640. Your friend gets $40 added to his winnings too, but you still have to win to get paid.

If you lose, you won’t have made anything for the people you referred. That’s another reason why it’s important not to let the money influence you into setting goals that you can’t achieve. Also, for that reason, if you’re going to tell friends, I’d recommend joining the affiliate program so you get paid whether you win or lose.


HealthyWage Winners

Of course, there are a lot more, but here’s a little about the winners who have won their Healthy Wage Challenges.

Weight loss motivation with HealthyWageLose weight with the Healthywage ChallengePast Healthy Wage winners

Won $4,000 with HealthywageHealthyWage is legitHealthywage winners


Healthy Wage Tools & Training

HealthywagerThe downside to the Healthy Wage Challenge is that they don’t give you any training to help you accomplish your goal. I wouldn’t expect them to since the only way they can make money is for you to fail.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they want you to fail. If everyone failed, no one would make money and if no one made money, people would stop joining. Think of them as a fitness casino.

They won’t train you, but they do provide you with tools that make tracking your progress easier.

The first thing you see when you log in is a reminder of your start date, your final weigh-in date, and the amount of weight you have to lose.

Scroll down a little and you see a chart and detailed stats that let you know if you’re on track. (See the picture to the right.)

I’ve gotten the best results using the weight loss strategy of Eat Stop Eat.


Healthy Wage Support

They respond quickly by email. The email address for support is info@healthywage.com or you can call them at (888) 636-3832.


Healthywage and Healthy Wage Challenge Prices

$10,000 is the maximum amount of money that you can win. It’s all relative to how much money you wager.

You can go as high as you want, but the minimum has to average at least $10 per month and the total has to add up to at least $100.

For example, when I joined Healthy Wage, I bet $12 per month for 9 months, which adds up to $108.

You get the option to pay month to month or all of it in one lump sum. I recommend you pay it all in one lump sum so you’re not tempted to cancel when you feel challenged.

Keep in mind that there aren’t any refunds though. If you change your mind for whatever reason, you’re not getting anything back. I love it because it helps discourage people from quitting.


My Final Opinion of what HealthyWage and the Healthy Wage Challenge are About

I highly recommend it, but not without a warning. The more aggressive your wager, the higher the reward for completing it.

Be careful not to get over ambitious when enrolling. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure.

A good wager is between 1-2 pounds per week spread out over whatever time frame you choose.

Anything more than that and you’re going to make things unnecessarily hard for yourself because you’re not giving yourself time to break old habits, fight through plateaus, and educate yourself on everything you need to know.

Healthy Wage knows this. That’s why they tempt you with higher profits when you make an aggressive wager.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Business is business, but just know that’s what they’re doing and don’t fall for it.

Yes, you might be able to buy extra time, but it doesn’t increase your winnings so choose wisely from the start. Two pounds maximum; one pound ideally.

FINAL RATING: 8 out of 10

Click here for my #1 Recommendation

Click here to visit Healthy Wage

Did you enjoy this review? Are you already a member of Healthy Wage or thinking about joining? I like to hear from my readers. Use the Comments field below to tell me what you think, and if you got any value from this review, please Share it.


Amazon Flex Delivery Jobs Reviews

Amazon Flex Delivery Jobs Reviews

Name: Amazon Flex
Amazon Flex Delivery Jobs ReviewsWebsite: flex.amazon.com

Price: Free
Type: Ride Share / Freelance / Delivery
Overall Rank: 7 out of 10

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex, sometimes spelled Flexx, is the delivery service of Amazon.com. They hire independent contractors to delivery packages in their personal vehicles.

It works the same as ride sharing with Uber or Lyft, if you’re familiar with them. The entire system is run, tracked, and trained through an app.

This is a win-win situation for Amazon.com and the delivery drivers. The pay, which I’ll get to later, is very generous, yet Amazon saves a ton of money on delivery expenses.

I found a great review on YouTube that I posted below. It – along with the rest of my review – will give you a good idea of how it works and what you’ll be doing when you work for Amazon Flex.

What I Liked about Amazon Flex:

1. You choose when you want to work

You set your availability. When blocks become available that match your availability, they show up in the app and you can choose if you want to accept them.

2. The pay is excellent

They advertise $18-25 an hour, but I’ve seen it go as high as $31 an hour.

Gas and wear and tear on your vehicle is included in that, but you get tax breaks on your mileage to help offset the cost of gas, which brings us to my next point…

3. A good amount of your income is tax deductible

On average, you’ll put 10-20 miles on your car per hour worked. At the time that this article was written, you got back 0.535 cents per mile for taxes in America. In my experience, that adds up to enough savings in taxes to cover 100% of your gas expenses and still have some left over to cover part of your taxes.

It won’t be the same for everyone because not everyone gets the same gas mileage, but even with poor gas mileage, tax savings should be enough to cover gas expenses.

4. The work is relatively easy compared to the pay you receive

Most of the deliveries are to houses that are on side streets so there’s barely any traffic.

The space between houses can vary though.

You might take deliveries that are across the street from each other and then take a few that are a few miles away. Most deliveries are 0.2-0.5 miles apart, but it’s not like that all the time.

There will be times that you have to travel 15+ miles to get to the next stop, but that doesn’t happen too often. Most of time, they’re walking distance from each other.

5. Fewer miles and wear on your car than ride share

I used to drive Uber and Lyft as my side hustle before I found out about Amazon Flex. It’s better in so many ways.

You know exactly how much money you’ll make before you start. I’d be out for hours and barely make anything with Uber or Lyft sometimes. Other times, I’d make a killing with Uber or Lyft, but I’d prefer to know what I’m going to make for the amount of time that I’m going to work ahead of time.

The deliveries are grouped in the same area. You’ll only put 10-20 miles on your car per hour you work. With Uber and Lyft, I would sometimes put well over 50 miles on my car for every hour depending on where the passengers were headed. You will have to go out of your way sometimes, but you’re usually not all over the place.

You don’t have to worry about unruly passengers or people vomiting in your vehicle. I never had any problems like those, but I’ve heard horror stories still the same. My daughter’s stepdad almost got in a fight with his passenger because the guy was drunk and wanted to fight for no reason.

Yes, Uber deactivated the guy’s account after he reported it, but he still had to deal with it when it was happening.


What I Didn’t Like about Amazon Flex:

1. Inconsistent shifts

I was working as a salesman when I first learned of Amazon Flex. I delivered part-time for 3 months when I decided I wanted to do it full time so I’d have more control of when I worked.

The money was so good that I could easily cover all my bills if I only got 32-35 hours per week.

The problem was that it was impossible to know if I was going to get those hours because every Amazon Flex driver has access to the same pool of delivery blocks. They’ll take them before you get a chance if you’re not constantly checking what’s available.

When I say “constantly,” I mean clicking the refresh button every 1 or 2 minutes until something pops up. And I’m not exaggerating at all.

2. Your car takes a beating

I mentioned earlier that I liked Amazon Flex better than Uber and Lyft because it’s less wear and tear on my car. This is true, but your car is still going to take a little beating with all the driving.

It’s important to keep up on maintenance or you’ll be out of a job.

Most packages are grouped close to each other when you accept a delivery block in the earlier part of the day. Later-day deliveries tend to be grouped farther apart because some of what you’re delivering are packages that were supposed to be delivered earlier but couldn’t for various reasons.

3. You never know where you’ll end up

The packages are on a rack when you get to the warehouse. The rack that you pull up next to is the area that you’ll be delivering to.

If the area happens to be 5 miles away, you’ll be delivering 5 miles away. If it’s 35 miles away, you’ll be driving 35 miles just to get started. It’s all random. You won’t know until you step out the car and look at the labels.

4. Better watch out for Fido

Dogs will protect the home. Most owners have enough sense to keep the dog in the house when they know they’re expecting a package, but now and then you run into an idiot who doesn’t think that far ahead.

Be mindful of your surroundings, look for “Beware of Dog” signs, dog chains, foot prints, and other signs that a dog might live there and you’ll be okay.

Even if you do all that, their bark is usually enough to scare the crap out of you even when you’re expecting it. It’s an annoyance that comes with all delivery jobs.


Who is Amazon Flex For?

  • People who want delivery jobs
  • People who need part-time jobs
  • People who want control of their schedule
  • Uber drivers
  • Lyft drivers
  • Drivers of any other ride share service that I didn’t mention
  • Retirees if you can handle getting in and out of a car and lift up to 30-40 pounds


How does Amazon Flex work?

Amazon Flex Delivery BlocksDelivery slots for Amazon Flex are called delivery BLOCKS. Delivery Blocks can be 2, 3, or 4 hours.

Some blocks are reserved for you. Those blocks are only available to you. No one else can see them. You get a few hours before they’re released to the public.

Some blocks are released to the public from the start. Those are first come, first serve.

Once you accept a block, you’re responsible for it, but you can cancel up to 45 minutes before the block starts without being penalized. I’d recommend you try not to cancel at all once you’ve accepted a block.

One hour before your blocks starts, you get a notification reminding you about it.

You drive to the warehouse, scan yourself in, and start loading your car with the packages.

You deliver the packages.

You’re done.

If you work at a moderately quick pace, you’ll usually finish early, but you get paid the full amount even if you do.

Sometimes they give you more than you can handle within the allotted time. It takes a little longer when that happens, but you don’t get any extra money for it.

I think that’s fair since you don’t have to give any money back when you finish early, plus you finish early way more often than you finish late.


Amazon Flex Tools & Training

Amazon Flexx Training VideosThe app is simple to use. It doesn’t take much training if you have any experience with the basic functions of a smart phone.

The main thing you need to learn is how to handle different situations. Amazon Flex has a library of videos that you can access thru the app that train you on all aspects of delivering packages on time, accurately, and safely.

Each video is short, just 3-5 minutes long. There are 19 total.


Amazon Flex Support

The support team is awesome. There’s never been a situation that they couldn’t fix within a couple minutes.


Amazon Flex Pay

The pay for doing delivery for Amazon Flex varies depending on demand. The minimum pay is $18 an hour. It gets as high as $31 an hour, but that only happens when Amazon has to entice people to get on the road, usually because of bad weather or somebody cancels at the last minute.


My Final Opinion of Amazon Flex

I was impressed with Amazon Flex’s dedication to improvement.

They had us fill out surveys at the end of shifts so they could get our opinions and find out about issues in the work area. What surprised me was that they didn’t just ask for feedback and not do anything with it like many companies do.

They actually changed procedures and made updates to the app until problems were solved. Working for Amazon Flex became a better experience because of those changes (along with the great pay and relatively easy work).

It’s a good way to make some extra money, but I would be looking to do something else while I was doing it if I were you. Like I said before, your car takes a beating and you’re always checking the app so you can accept blocks before somebody else beats you to it.

Take a delivery job with Amazon Flex if you need to, but use some of what you earn to invest in something that you can do from home like I did. You can find my #1 recommendation below.

FINAL RATING: 7 out of 10

Click here for my #1 Recommendation

Do you enjoy these reviews? Are you looking for Amazon Flex delivery jobs or already have one? I like to hear from my readers. Use the Comments field below to tell me what you think, and if you got any value from this review, please Share it.


Wealth Generators Reviews 2018

Wealth Generators Reviews 2018

Name: Wealth GeneratorsWealth Generators logo
Website: www.wealthgenerators.com
Price: One-time affiliate fee: $50. One-time registration fee: $30 per product, except Crypto, which is $99 per contract. Products fees: $12.50-199 monthly.
Type: Network Marketing, MLM
Overall Rank: 8 out of 10

What is Wealth Generators?

Wealth Generators is a network Marketing company that features several products that make you money whether you promote the business or not, thus the reason for their slogan, “Make money while you sleep.”

Every product is designed to find money you didn’t know you had (WG Money and Deductr), grow the money that you already have (Ryze, FxOne, CRYPTO, WG Start Ups), and keep more of your money after you’ve made it (Deductr).

What I Liked about Wealth Generators

1. You can make money whether you promote the company or not

The fact is, when you join a network marketing company, you are joining because you want to make money. Yes, they might have a product that has nothing to do with making money, but the ultimate goal of anyone who joins an MLM business is to make money.

The thing I found so interesting about Wealth Generators is that they only feature products that make you money. Looking back on it, I wonder why no one has ever thought to do that before.

A lot of companies have come out with products that help entrepreneurs promote their businesses, which I thought was ingenious in itself, but this is the first time I’ve seen a company feature multiple products whose only purpose is to make money.

We’re talking about automated Forex trading, crypto-currency mining, buying stock in companies while they’re still in their infancy (when the highest profits can be made), and an app that helps you retain more of the money that you already have.

With every other company that’s out there, (as far as I know) you have to promote the company or sell the products if you want to make money. You don’t have to recruit or sell anything with WG. You can just buy the products and let them work for you.

2. Huge payouts

Wealth Generators has one of the most generous compensation plans that I’ve ever seen. You can break even on an All-in membership with as little as 3 team members.

It only takes as little as 9 members to generate $500 in monthly repeat commissions. Only 3 of the 9 need to be sponsored by you. This is unheard of in the network marketing world. I’ll get more into this when we get to the Wealth Generators compensation plan later down the line.

3. The whole business can be run from your cell phone

They like to keep everything simple and easy. You can log into your portal and do everything you need to do from your smart phone. No computer needed.

What I Didn’t Like about Wealth Generators

1. It takes too long to get new people into the money.

This might sound contradictory to what I said earlier, but despite the high payouts, it takes too long to start making money.

New people tend to struggle a little. They have to learn a new system while paying a monthly membership fee until they can get enough sales to at least break even.

The way the Wealth Generators’ compensation plan works is you get exactly enough money to offset your monthly membership fee once you’ve sponsored 3 people.

The thing I don’t like is that you get absolutely nothing for the first 2 people. On the 3rd, assuming all criteria have been met, you get enough money to cancel out the costs of your membership fees.

I would like it better if you got something for the first two people to help offset that fee as you went along.

For example, let’s say you personally have purchased an All-in membership of $199.99. You get nothing for your 1st recruit, nothing for the 2nd recruit, and then on the 3rd, you’d get $199.99 to offset the membership fee. I think it would be smarter if the payouts were $66 for the 1st recruit, $67 for the 2nd, and another $67 for the 3rd instead of getting it all in one lump sum on the 3rd.

It would be easier on new members’ budgets if they’re getting a third of the investment back with each member they sponsor, which leads to more motivation and less attrition.

However, if you’re willing to persist and help 3 people get started, the fee is canceled out completely and there is a lot of money to be made from the products as well recruiting more people.

In fact, I think if you’re willing to sponsor three people, Wealth Generators is one of the most profitable network marketing businesses out there, but you have to be willing to put the work in.

2. Crypto isn’t as good as advertised

I go deeper in depth about this below when I get into the reviews of each individual product, but Wealth Generators’ crypto-currency mining product, Crypto, isn’t as great as it’s made out to be.

A business associate of mine, who knows crypto mining a lot better than most people, explained it to me in a Facebook chat. I took screen caps of the conversation and posted them in the product review of Crypto below.

3. You must already have money (or a credit card) to make money with Wealth Generators

This business is not for broke people. They have membership fees that reach as high as $199 per month, and then you need additional funds on top of that to make your investments.

It can be worth it, though, because this company is all about generating money from the business opportunity all the way down to the products, but just know in advance that you need money, or have to be willing to stretch the money you already have, for this business to work for you.

If you don’t have money or credit cards, you might want to consider taking a look at more affordable business opportunities that have just as much profit potential, like Wealthy Affiliate.


Who is Wealth Generators For?

  • Investors
  • Crypto-currency buyers
  • Crypto-currency miners
  • People who want passive income
  • Forex traders
  • Network marketers who want to make big money with fewer people


Wealth Generators Products and Services


  • Generator = $499.99 with a hashing rate of 11-15 mh/s
  • Business = $999.99 with a hashing rate of 22-30 mh/s
  • Executive = $2,499.99 with a hashing rate of 55-75 mh/s
  • Premiere = $4,999.99 with a hashing rate of 120-150 mh/s
  • All contracts are 1,200 days.

As I mentioned above, Crypto isn’t the best option in the world as far as mining goes. It might sound strange hearing that from a rep, but my goal with this site is to help you make an informed decision. I’ll be 100% honest about everything even if it means admitting there’s a flaw with my company’s products.

I thought Crypto was great when I first heard of it. I was trying to pitch it to a crypto currency miner that I knew from Facebook. He researched it for a few minutes. This screen cap shows what he had to say about it.

Facebook conversation about Crypto

Some of that might be hard to follow, but I’ll explain what it means in a second. Here is the second part:

Crypto vs Hashflar - which is better?

As I said at the end of the conversation above, I looked into what he told me when I got home. I found out that Hashflare’s contracts were 1 year. Wealth Generators’ contracts were 1200 days, which is about 3.287x longer.

I multiplied the price of Hashflare’s prices by 3.287 to cover the difference in time. With both contracts covering 1200 days, Wealth Generators had the better price by far.

I brought this to his attention. Below is a screen cap of that conversation.

Wealth Generators' Crypto mining pros and cons

Sure, there might have been an edge of attitude to his response, but you have to admit the guy knows what he’s talking about. lol.

Basically, what he’s saying is he can buy a mining contract with the same hash rate as Crypto for a lower price, but with a 365-day contract instead of 1200 days.

He makes his money back and turns a profit in half the time that it would take with Crypto.

He uses that profit to upgrade to a higher hash rate, makes his money back again, turns a profit again, and uses the profits to upgrade to a higher hash rate…again.

He repeats this process again and again and again. So by the time 1200 days goes by, he’s at a hash rate 3-6 times higher than what he started with. The higher the hash rate, the more money you make.

With Crypto, on the other hand, you’ll be at the same hash rate the entire 1200 days with no possibility of raising it.

The benefit to Crypto’s mining contract, however, is that you don’t have to worry about selling a mining rig when it’s time to upgrade and there’s no need to learn a lot of techy stuff. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it type of deal so there’s a lot less work.

If you’re aggressive and want to maximize your profits, I’d recommend Hashflare. If you just want to make some money with as little stress as possible, I’d recommend Crypto.

Update: Instead of taking his word for it, here’s what I did…


Ryze AI

Ryze AI is artificial intelligence that makes Forex trades for you.

The minimum to open a Ryze AI account is $500. That does not mean you are losing $500. The money still belongs to you. It would be the same as opening a bank account that had a minimum requirement to open it. The $500 is there for the system to start making trades in your name.

As far as fees go, there is a $99 membership fee for new people the first year and then a monthly fee each year after that.

The monthly fee is based on the amount of currency in your account. If you have an All-in membership, it covers every monthly fees for nearly all products.

I’ve included a screen cap so you’ll know what everything means when you log into your account.

Ryze AI of Wealth Generators Income
(Side note: past results do not guarantee future profits.)

Deposits. This is the total amount of money that you’ve added to the account. In this case, the account was opened with $2460.14.

Closed P/L. This means “closed profit/loss.” Once you deposit money into your account, the system starts making trades for you. Closed P/L is the net amount of all the trades that Ryze has made for you. If the number is positive, you’re making money. In this case $526.94 of profit has been added to this account from successful automated trading. Several people were nice enough to let me look at their results for this review. Not a single one of them had a negative number here.

Balance. That’s the total amount of money that you have in your account. It’s the sum of “Deposits” added to “Closed P/L.”

Withdrawals. This is the total amount that you’ve withdrawn from the account. You can withdraw your money at any time. In this case, no money has ever been withdrawn.

Open P/L. This is the amount of money that is currently being invested. This will always be a negative number, but that doesn’t mean the money is lost. Because it’s being invested at the current time, it’s listed as a negative number until the trades close. When those trades close, they move to the Closed P/L section as a positive or negative depending on how the trade went.

Equity. This is the “Balance” minus “Open P/L.” It’s the amount of money that’s currently available for withdrawals. Since your Open P/L is money that is currently being invested, it won’t be available for withdrawal until after it closes, assuming it closes for a profit.



Deductr (yes, that’s the way it’s spelled) is an app that helps you get your spending habits in line.

I found this the least valuable tool of the bunch. Some say it will help you save hundreds by charting and tracking what you spend, and for some people that might be true, but a calculator and a little common sense will accomplish the same thing.

It doesn’t hurt to have it, though. Charts and automation do a lot to make the process quicker.


FX One

FX One is binary trading like Ryze AI, but it’s more hands on. You get live binary options trading sessions, trade alerts that tell you when to make trades, and training.

All of the trading sessions are recorded so you can review them when you want.

The benefit of FxOne is that you maintain more control of what trades you want to take. You’ll be more educated on how binary trading works than you would with Ryze AI, which does everything for you. You can fund your account to begin trading with as little as $100 whereas it takes $500 with Ryze AI.

FxOne was made as a better option for people who don’t have a ton of money lying around.

If you do have a lot of money, Ryze AI is a better choice because it does everything for you and frees you to work on other projects.


WG Money

WG Money is a library of videos and files. They are full of tips on how to manage money. They cover topics that we face in everyday life, like managing money when you have children, buying cars, student loans, and many other topics.

I’ve been exposed to most of the information already, but a little reminder never hurts, and I did learn some new tricks. These videos are worth studying.

In fact, I’d recommend you start with this section because they cover situations that we deal with every day. Crypto, Deductr, FX One, and Ryze AI can wait a couple days until you’re finished.


WG Start Ups

This was the most interesting product in Wealth Generators. Have you ever heard of the TV show, Shark Tank? It works on the same principle.

There are hundreds of new businesses out there looking for investors. Most are in the beginning stages. That’s when the profits can be at their highest.

WG Start Ups is a way to make investments in these companies by buying stock in the beginning. I saw some products in there that I believe will make a lot of people very wealthy.


Wealth Generators Tools & Training

The back office is awesome. New members are placed in what’s called the Waiting Room for 30 days. You have the option of placing them under other members if you want. Members do that to motivate their team and to get promotions when the situation calls for it.

You get 4 affiliate links, presentation videos, PDF files, and PowerPoint presentations.

The back office is very organized. Corporate does weekly trainings to show you how to use the tools that they provide.

You might also get group training depending on who you join with.


Wealth Generators Support

Wealth Generators’ support line is 888-778-5372. They’re available from 10AM-7PM EST.

Wealth Generator’ email address is support@wealthgenerators.com.

Wealth Generators Compensation Plan

Wealth Generators' Guaranteed Generator rank

Each person gets 3 people on their front line, meaning anyone sponsored after the 3rd will still be in your downline, but will not do anything for increasing your bonus. Each person, depending on the products they purchase, is worth 100-150 PV (personal volume), which is why it only takes 3-4 people to break even.

Personal volume is any volume generated by your purchases and the purchases made by people that you personally sponsored.

In the example above, everyone is worth 100 PV because they bought limited-product memberships. If everyone got the All-in package, they would be worth 150 PV each and everyone would advance faster. That’s why people are earning $500 a month with as little as 9 people.

Wealth Generators Compensation Plan
As you can see from the chart above, you have to maintain a personal volume (PV) of 400 in order to qualify for any bonus, which is 3-4 people, depending on what products everyone bought.

To get promotions, you must maintain 400 PV, plus meet the minimum requirements for your group, which is tracked under QGV. QGV volume is calculated by adding your PV to all volume generated by the people your personal team has sponsored.

For example, if you sponsor Bob, Bob’s purchases are a part of you PV. If Bob sponsors Jack, your QGV would be Bob’s purchases plus Jack’s purchases plus your own purchases.

Max Volume from One Leg is their way of ensuring everyone is spread out evenly. This benefits you because someone above you might put someone that they sponsored under you to meet this requirement because it could be their only way of qualifying for a promotion.

This is not guaranteed to happen, but it does happen. My first recruit was placed under me by someone in my upline, so I know from personal experience that it does happen.

All of the payments listed under Wealth Club Bonus are repeat monthly payments for as long as the minimum requirements are met.

My Final Opinion of Wealth Generators

People join network marketing companies to make money. Money, for most companies, can only be generated by recruiting new reps or selling the products. Either way, a sale has to be made.

Wealth Generators is the only one that I’ve heard of that that doesn’t apply to.

I think it was ingenious to use products that make you money regardless of sales.

That makes it possible for a lot of people to succeed with this business who would have failed with any other.

I’m talking about people who don’t like sales, people who don’t like to talk to people, shy people, people who have more money to invest than time to promote a business.

For people who do decide to promote the business, knowing you don’t need anybody to buy anything for you to make money makes the experience a lot less stressful.

Despite all of that, Wealth Generators’ products are pricey. They can eat into your profits, so my recommendation to anyone thinking about joining is to get in and make it your goal to sponsor enough people to get rid of the membership fee. You can always stop after the membership fee is gone if you don’t like recruiting, but at least get rid of that fee.

The risk of losing money with those products is there, but they have a history of winning, and without the monthly fee, any money you make is pure profit.

FINAL RATING: 8 out of 10

Click here to see my #1 Recommendation

Click here to visit Wealth Generators

Did you enjoy this review? Are you currently a member of Wealth Generators or considering joining? I like to hear from my readers. Use the Comments field below to tell me what you think, and if you got any value from this review, please Share it.


What is Jaaxy? – Reviews

What is Jaaxy? – Reviews

Name: JaaxyWhat is Jaaxy? - Reviews
Website: www.jaaxy.com

Price: Starter Membership: Free. Monthly Pro Membership: $19-49. Monthly Enterprise Membership: $49-99.
Type: Internet Marketing Tools
Overall Rank: 10 out of 10

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is the keyword research tool that was produced by the founders of the affiliate marketing company, Wealthy Affiliate.

What I Liked about Jaaxy

1. They actually made it free even though people were willing to pay for it!

Jaaxy has always been a stand-alone product that operated independently. Even though it was made by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, it had its own website and you had to purchase it independently of Wealthy Affiliate if you wanted it.

It had a free version that was limited to 30 searches per month.

The next level up was $49 for a Premium membership that featured unlimited searches and some other features.

The final level was $99 a month for unlimited everything and full automation.

One day, out of nowhere, with people actively spending $49 a month on Jaaxy because we felt it was worth the price, Kyle, one of the owners, sends out a notification announcing that Jaaxy would be free for all premium Wealthy Affiliate members.

The Pro and Enterprise versions of Jaaxy were still available to premium members, but at discounted prices.

2. They got the best alphabet soup I’ve ever had.

It’s not what you’re thinking.

Alphabet soup is a searching technique that Internet marketers use for finding keywords. This method used to take a long time until Jaaxy automated the process. What used to take an hour is now done with the click of a button.

Trying to understand what I’m talking about can be hard without seeing it. I was going to shoot a video demonstration, but I found out Kyle, one of the owners, has already done it. The video is posted below.

How to do alphabet soup keyword research

3. I don’t have to keep a notepad handy or rely on my memory.

Jaaxy was made by Internet marketers for Internet marketers. They know that sometimes you’ll be researching keywords for one product when you stumble onto great keywords for a different product. That would involve a lot of jotting down notes just to forget where you left the paper later on.

If you stumble onto a great keyword with Jaaxy, you just click the check box next to it and save it to a file for later use.

What I really liked about this feature, though, is that the total possible traffic that you could get from those keywords are listed next to the title of the file.

The more keywords you add to the list, the higher that number rises. You’re seeing how much traffic you’re missing out on, so the list becomes great motivation to hurry up and turn those keywords into actual articles as quickly as you can.

4. Jaaxy tells me exactly where my site ranks for any and every keyword.

I never realized how much time I was wasting on keyword research until I started using Jaaxy. Don’t misinterpret that to mean keyword research isn’t important.

It’s very important, but before I started using Jaaxy, if I wanted to know where my site ranked for a keyword, I had to go to Google, enter the keyword, and then scroll through all the pages until I found mine.

Then I’d have to go through the sites that ranked ahead of me to do a little comparison to find out why.

It took forever, but I never realized it was taking so long because that method was the only one I was familiar with. It was time that I would have been better off using to write new articles or promoting the articles that I’d already written.

5. You can try Jaaxy for free.

There’s a version of Jaaxy that you can try for free. Of course, it’s going to be limited, but it gives you enough to know if you want to continue with it or not.

6. I can see exactly how my competition is beating me

There is a Search Analysis option that allows you to type in a keyword and see what websites are ranking at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It then takes it a few steps further by showing you the word count of those pages, the number of external and internal links, back links, Alexa ranking, and whether that site uses Google Adsense.

Knowing the competition is very important because you can figure out how and why you’re not getting the ranking you want for a particular keyword and alter your content so you can.

What I Didn’t Like about Jaaxy:

There are a few things that I don’t like about Jaaxy, but in fairness to the product, I have to point out that these are things that can be solved by simply upgrading to the Enterprise level.

For example, when you research a keyword, the number of Google searches and the amount of traffic that you can expect from getting first-page ranking from that keyword will appear automatically.

Next to that, it’ll show the number of websites that are currently competing for that keyword, meaning they feature that exact keyword in the title and description. Next to that are indicators that let you know if you should go after that keyword or not.

Only the monthly searches and expected traffic show up automatically. If you want to see the rest, you can, but it involves clicking a link for each and every keyword possibility that shows up, which can be in the 100s.

It’s not a big deal, but it can be time-consuming, so I’d recommend the upgrade to make sure you don’t miss any great keywords because you got tired of clicking and decided to settle for the first few.

Who is Jaaxy For?

  • Internet marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Video marketers
  • Anyone with a YouTube channel
  • Website owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Network marketing associates
  • MLM

Jaaxy Training

You get three training videos even though Jaaxy is so easy to use that you probably don’t need a video to know how to use it. I’d still highly recommend watching them because there might be a benefit to a feature that you don’t figure out on your own.

The videos not only show you how to use Jaaxy, but also cover how to research and refine your keywords, how to do research and analyze your website, and how to research and refine your niche.

Jaaxy Support

To be honest, I cannot write anything about their support because I’ve never had any problems with Jaaxy, which means I’ve never had to use support. The second I do, I’ll write about the experience here.

Jaaxy Price

This comparison chart shows what you get at each level. These prices only apply if you join directly at www.jaaxy.com. The discounted prices for Wealthy Affiliate members are shown under this chart.

Jaaxy Memerbship Comparison Chart


Below are the prices for current Wealthy Affiliate Premium members.

The free version is called Lite and it isn’t listed. It’s almost the same as Pro except you don’t get multi-threaded searches and you only get 100 Site Rank Analysis scans instead of 2,000.

Membership comparison chart for Jaaxy for Wealthy Affiliate's premium members

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy

Here’s an acronym that I want you to remember:

IPA, which means Income Producing Activity.

IPA is any activity that directly leads to a product or service being sold.

You want to spend as much time as possible on IPA. In fact, a lot of people struggle because they think they’re doing IPA just because they’re keeping busy.

Writing an article and spending time on keyword research are important and vital for success, but they are not considered IPA.

On the other hand, posting the article to social media, following up with leads…those are considered IPA.

Basically, any activity that puts you or your content in front of a prospect is IPA. The act of writing the article isn’t putting it in front of a prospect. However, the act of posting that article to Twitter does.

What does this have anything to do with Jaaxy, you’re wondering?

Back when I was spending an hour or two trying to find where my site ranked, doing the alphabet soup technique, and writing down keywords just to forget I’d written them down and end up accidentally throwing the paper away, I was very busy and getting nowhere because all those activities took time away from doing the activities that actually made me money.

If you’re planning to buy it, I recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate first and get it for free with your paid membership.

Why? Because when you join Jaaxy, all you get is Jaaxy. When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you get web hosting, Internet marketing training, support from the community, and Jaaxy, for the same price. So join Wealthy Affiliate first.

FINAL RATING: 10 out of 10

Did you enjoy this review? Are you currently using Jaaxy or considering it? I like to hear from my readers. Use the Comments field below to tell me what you think, and if you got any value from this review, please Share it.



Review of Wealthy Affiliate 2018

Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate Reviews
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Price: Starter Membership: Free. Monthly Premium Membership: $49. Yearly Premium Membership: $495
Type: Affiliate Marketing
Overall Rank: 10 out of 10

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Internet marketing company whose main products include website hosting, website registration, a stand-alone keyword research tool called Jaaxy, and an ongoing Internet marketing training platform.

What I Liked about Wealthy Affiliate

1. You can do it without giving up any payment information

I liked the fact that you can try it for free. Not only can you try it for free, they don’t collect any payment information at all until you’re ready to join so you don’t have to worry about anybody charging your card without permission.

You can also choose to promote the company without paying any kind of membership fees at all. Of course there are way more benefits to being a paid member, like more hosted sites, your own domain, free access to Jaaxy Lite, double commissions, and access to more training, but yes, you can promote this business without investing a dime.

2. It works well alone or as part of a team

Wealthy Affiliate can easily be the only business you promote because it has value, great services, and great compensation.

However, you can choose not to promote it and still make money by using the training and services to promote other businesses.

For example, I registered ComCapU.com to help people make money, but I also registered a fitness site to profit from the health industry. On top of that, one of my favorite hobbies is playing the Xbox One, so I registered a gamer site as well.

If I’d wanted to, I could’ve chosen to make money promoting fitness and video game products without ever mentioning money-making opportunities. Wealthy Affiliate makes it possible to make money from literally any industry you want to get into.

3. I didn’t need to learn a lot of technical stuff

Wealthy Affiliate did for website setup what Microsoft did for computer software. They didn’t invent it, but they made the user experience so easy that you enjoyed using their system over everyone else’s.

I was using Host Gator for web hosting before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. One of the most irritating things I had to do was set up WordPress on their server.

They had a web based method that was supposed to simplify it. It was too slow and confusing trying to figure out where to put all the usernames so I ended up downloading  WS FTP Home to speed it up.

Faster, yes, but it could still be confusing at times, and it was hard trying to remember my password because WordPress has complicated requirements for their passwords to make sure no one gets hacked.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you literally just click one button and WordPress is set up for you. You also get the option of logging in through the system so you don’t have to remember your WordPress password.

4. It addresses the elephant in the room that no one ever talks about

Attrition is when the people you sponsor quit or cancel their memberships. It’s the biggest problem Internet marketers have to face, which is partly how I found Wealthy Affiliate in the first place.

I started noticing patterns after being in so many business opportunities over the years. I noticed that, regardless of what business I promoted, there were certain tools of the trade that I had to have.

I was in and out of about 10-15 businesses during my first 3 years of Internet marketing, but the one thing that remained constant during that time was that I needed a web site to promote whatever business I was in. The web hosting fee always got paid regardless of what business I was promoting.

I needed a way to register those web sites and then I had to find a way to do keyword research after Keyword Planner got taken off the web by Google.

I also realized that even though the Internet can be a great source of income, it can also be a quick way to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing, so I needed steady training.

And finally, let’s not forget about the need to follow up with prospects.

Later, I had the bright idea to build a business around those products and services because I needed them regardless of what business I’m promoting. A few Google searches later, I found an article about Wealthy Affiliate and all my needs had been answered.

That’s training, web hosting, registration, and the best keyword research tool on the market, in one place.

Does this make sense to you? As Internet marketers, these services are must-haves. The only reason to ever cancel is if your client isn’t making enough money. So if you refer people and help them accomplish their goals, there’s never a reason to cancel their memberships regardless of whether they promote the same business for 10 years, switch businesses every two months like I used to do, or just run a personal blog that they have no intention of making money from. It doesn’t matter. Your income would just keep growing.

5. I get what I could never get from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media

Why Wealthy Affiliate is better than Social MediaThe Wealthy Affiliate system revolves around creating content for a blog, be it written or video. This content is then used to generate traffic, which ultimately turns into sales.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great for generating traffic. The thing I don’t like is that you never get a break from it. When you stop promoting on social media, your traffic goes way down.

Also, everything you put on social media belongs to the owner of that site, so if you post a video on YouTube, it belongs to YouTube and they can close your account whenever they want without giving you notice.

A former business associate of mine lost his account because one of his competitors went through his account and flagged every video for no reason. YouTube closed his account. Every video was lost. I’ve heard horror stories of stuff like this happening with Facebook and Instagram as well.

With Wealthy Affiliate, every article you write is still yours.

Every video you upload belongs to you.

On top of that, you learn how to get good ranking on Google. If you can secure a good ranking for a good keyword, it’ll turn into a steady supply of leads from one piece of content, which doesn’t happen with social media.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is still great for traffic generation, but use it together with what you learn from WA to make things easier to sustain over the long run.

What I Didn’t Like about Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate is only 1 of 2 money-making programs that I cannot think of anything negative to say about.

If I really wanted to nitpick just to have something to write is this area, I could complain that it isn’t network marketing.That’s a good thing for some people, but I like network marketing because it’s a great way to leverage your income, meaning you make money off your personal sales as well as your team’s sales.

But honestly, if I wasn’t just nitpicking for the sake of having something to write in this section, I really wouldn’t have anything to write. I have no complaints.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

When answering this question, we have to start with the products they offer, which are web site hosting with a major focus on blogging, web site registration, training, and a keyword research tool. That being said, the people who would benefit most from WA are:

  • Internet marketers
  • Network marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Unemployed people
  • Introverts
  • Writers
  • Retirees
  • People needing part time work / extra income
  • Anyone wanting to turn a hobby into an income
  • People who want to get away from MLM
  • Bloggers
  • Anyone needing website hosting
  • College students
  • Entreprenuers who have limited investment money

Wealthy Affiliate Products, Tools, Services & Training

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The keyword research tool, Jaaxy, has it’s own review because it’s a stand-alone product that used to be sold separately for $49 per month. Then one day, out of nowhere, the owners decided they’d be serving us better by giving it to us for free since keyword research is a vital part of Internet marketing and some people couldn’t afford the extra $49.

That shows they really care about our success, and it was the moment when I decided to give Wealthy Affiliate my all. You can’t fail with that kind of leadership.

Website Hosting

This is the main product. You get 25 hosted websites under the siterubix.com domain and another 25 websites that can be registered as their own domain name, which are probably more than you’ll ever need.

You can also expect certain features that usually cost extra to be included at no extra charge with WA, like SSL security, high speed, and spam blocking that actually works.

Website Registration

I was using Go Daddy before I found WA. I save about 50% on every registered website because domain privacy, which costs an extra $14 on Go Daddy, is free with WA.


There is a library of banners to choose from in whatever shape or size you may need.

Stats are kept day to day including a section for you to view all of your referrals and set the messages sent to them automatically upon joining.


This is most important out of the bunch because none of those other services mean anything if you don’t know how to use them. You get access, as a Premium member, to all the training you’ll ever need. Some of it comes from the owners, Kyle and Carson; and some from other members.

A word of caution though…

The owners are marketing geniuses. I highly recommend listening to whatever tips they give.

I’m a little skeptical about taking advice from the rest of the community unless I know what level of success they’ve achieved.

It’s nice having an army of entrepreneurs eager to help you, but some just aren’t qualified to help you so I’d recommend you start by referring to the training lessons when you need help. If that doesn’t work, contact your direct sponsor.

You’ll have access to an Affiliate Certification course that will teach you everything you need to know to be successful with affiliate marketing.

You’ll have access to an Affiliate Boot camp that’ll teach you everything you need to know to market Wealthy Affiliate successfully.

Once a week, usually Friday at 8PM EST, you’ll get access to a live training.

There are also virtual classrooms and live video classes that go deeper in depth about various marketing topics, like getting started, how to use WordPress, how to write content, social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization).

Here’s a video I took of me asking the community a question. The answer I got kept me from making a big mistake that could’ve cost me rankings on Google if I hadn’t had access to this training system.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

Support is very fast. I haven’t had many issues, but when I do, someone always gets back to me within an hour.

How Can You Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

The 1st way is to promote the company. The compensation plans are covered below.

The 2nd way is to become a Premium member and make money by creating training content. This option is available after you’ve been Premium for 3 months. Kyle and Carson can choose to pay you for quality training content that helps the company grow.

The 3rd way is to follow the 4 Step process (shown below) to create a website and use it to make money doing pretty much whatever you want to do.

How can you make money with Wealthy Affilaite

Wealthy Affiate Compensation Plan and Payment Method

As a Free Starter Member, you get…

  • 25% of all your Wealthy Affiliate sales
  • 25% of all your Jaaxy sales

As a Premium member, you get…

  • 50% of all your Wealthy Affiliate sales
  • 50% of all your Jaaxy sales
  • $1 for all Free members that you refer as long as there’s a 1:5 upgrade to paid ratio.
  • $1 for all websites registered by your referrals

Payouts are made via PayPal once per month. You can set your minimum payout to anything from $10-5,000.

Wealthy Affiliate Price – Free vs Premium

Option #1: Starter Membership – Free (Click to join)
Option #2: Premium Membership – $49 per month (Click to join)
There are no up-sells but you do get the option to save 39% by getting a yearly membership.

Wealthy Affiliate free vs paid membership comparison chart

My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

To be perfectly honest, when I first learned of Wealthy Affiliate, I knew I still wanted to make money online, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it in the money-making industry. After all, you don’t have to be in the money-making industry to make money even though a lot of network marketers try to make it seem that way.

At first, I was trying to decide between joining my friend’s MLM company, promoting a group-funded crypto-currency business, or promoting a fitness site. Wealthy Affiliate wasn’t even a consideration for a while.

As I considered each business, strange things kept happening…

  • I registered websites to set up blogs for each business.
  • I needed web hosting for each of the websites that I registered.
  • I did keyword research for each blog post regardless of the business.

All roads kept leading back to Wealthy Affiliate no matter what I did.

That’s when the choice became obvious to put some effort into Wealthy Affiliate because I’m an Internet marketer, I need their products anyway, and it just makes sense.

And to help you get off to a great start, after you’ve joined, I’m going to give you access to the 23 Step Blog Post Checklist that Wealthy Affiliate marketers have been using for years to turn our sites into profitable authority sites.

Just send me a private message asking for it after you’ve created your free account.

FINAL RATING: 10 out of 10

Click here for a free Wealthy Affiliate account.

Did you enjoy this review? Are you currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate or considering joining? I like to hear from my readers. Use the Comments field below to tell me what you think, and if you got any value from this review, please Share it.