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Price: One-time affiliate fee: $50. One-time registration fee: $30 per product, except Crypto, which is $99 per contract. Products fees: $12.50-199 monthly.
Type: Network Marketing, MLM
Overall Rank: 8 out of 10

What is Wealth Generators?

Wealth Generators is a network Marketing company that features several products that make you money whether you promote the business or not, thus the reason for their slogan, “Make money while you sleep.”

Every product is designed to find money you didn’t know you had (WG Money and Deductr), grow the money that you already have (Ryze, FxOne, CRYPTO, WG Start Ups), and keep more of your money after you’ve made it (Deductr).

What I Liked about Wealth Generators

1. You can make money whether you promote the company or not

The fact is, when you join a network marketing company, you are joining because you want to make money. Yes, they might have a product that has nothing to do with making money, but the ultimate goal of anyone who joins an MLM business is to make money.

The thing I found so interesting about Wealth Generators is that they only feature products that make you money. Looking back on it, I wonder why no one has ever thought to do that before.

A lot of companies have come out with products that help entrepreneurs promote their businesses, which I thought was ingenious in itself, but this is the first time I’ve seen a company feature multiple products whose only purpose is to make money.

We’re talking about automated Forex trading, crypto-currency mining, buying stock in companies while they’re still in their infancy (when the highest profits can be made), and an app that helps you retain more of the money that you already have.

With every other company that’s out there, (as far as I know) you have to promote the company or sell the products if you want to make money. You don’t have to recruit or sell anything with WG. You can just buy the products and let them work for you.

2. Huge payouts

Wealth Generators has one of the most generous compensation plans that I’ve ever seen. You can break even on an All-in membership with as little as 3 team members.

It only takes as little as 9 members to generate $500 in monthly repeat commissions. Only 3 of the 9 need to be sponsored by you. This is unheard of in the network marketing world. I’ll get more into this when we get to the Wealth Generators compensation plan later down the line.

3. The whole business can be run from your cell phone

They like to keep everything simple and easy. You can log into your portal and do everything you need to do from your smart phone. No computer needed.

What I Didn’t Like about Wealth Generators

1. It takes too long to get new people into the money.

This might sound contradictory to what I said earlier, but despite the high payouts, it takes too long to start making money.

New people tend to struggle a little. They have to learn a new system while paying a monthly membership fee until they can get enough sales to at least break even.

The way the Wealth Generators’ compensation plan works is you get exactly enough money to offset your monthly membership fee once you’ve sponsored 3 people.

The thing I don’t like is that you get absolutely nothing for the first 2 people. On the 3rd, assuming all criteria have been met, you get enough money to cancel out the costs of your membership fees.

I would like it better if you got something for the first two people to help offset that fee as you went along.

For example, let’s say you personally have purchased an All-in membership of $199.99. You get nothing for your 1st recruit, nothing for the 2nd recruit, and then on the 3rd, you’d get $199.99 to offset the membership fee. I think it would be smarter if the payouts were $66 for the 1st recruit, $67 for the 2nd, and another $67 for the 3rd instead of getting it all in one lump sum on the 3rd.

It would be easier on new members’ budgets if they’re getting a third of the investment back with each member they sponsor, which leads to more motivation and less attrition.

However, if you’re willing to persist and help 3 people get started, the fee is canceled out completely and there is a lot of money to be made from the products as well recruiting more people.

In fact, I think if you’re willing to sponsor three people, Wealth Generators is one of the most profitable network marketing businesses out there, but you have to be willing to put the work in.

2. Crypto isn’t as good as advertised

I go deeper in depth about this below when I get into the reviews of each individual product, but Wealth Generators’ crypto-currency mining product, Crypto, isn’t as great as it’s made out to be.

A business associate of mine, who knows crypto mining a lot better than most people, explained it to me in a Facebook chat. I took screen caps of the conversation and posted them in the product review of Crypto below.

3. You must already have money (or a credit card) to make money with Wealth Generators

This business is not for broke people. They have membership fees that reach as high as $199 per month, and then you need additional funds on top of that to make your investments.

It can be worth it, though, because this company is all about generating money from the business opportunity all the way down to the products, but just know in advance that you need money, or have to be willing to stretch the money you already have, for this business to work for you.

If you don’t have money or credit cards, you might want to consider taking a look at more affordable business opportunities that have just as much profit potential, like Wealthy Affiliate.

Who is Wealth Generators For?

  • Investors
  • Crypto-currency buyers
  • Crypto-currency miners
  • People who want passive income
  • Forex traders
  • Network marketers who want to make big money with fewer people

Wealth Generators Products and Services


  • Generator = $499.99 with a hashing rate of 11-15 mh/s
  • Business = $999.99 with a hashing rate of 22-30 mh/s
  • Executive = $2,499.99 with a hashing rate of 55-75 mh/s
  • Premiere = $4,999.99 with a hashing rate of 120-150 mh/s
  • All contracts are 1,200 days.

As I mentioned above, Crypto isn’t the best option in the world as far as mining goes. It might sound strange hearing that from a rep, but my goal with this site is to help you make an informed decision. I’ll be 100% honest about everything even if it means admitting there’s a flaw with my company’s products.

I thought Crypto was great when I first heard of it. I was trying to pitch it to a crypto currency miner that I knew from Facebook. He researched it for a few minutes. This screen cap shows what he had to say about it.

Facebook conversation about Crypto

Some of that might be hard to follow, but I’ll explain what it means in a second. Here is the second part:

Crypto vs Hashflar - which is better?

As I said at the end of the conversation above, I looked into what he told me when I got home. I found out that Hashflare’s contracts were 1 year. Wealth Generators’ contracts were 1200 days, which is about 3.287x longer.

I multiplied the price of Hashflare’s prices by 3.287 to cover the difference in time. With both contracts covering 1200 days, Wealth Generators had the better price by far.

I brought this to his attention. Below is a screen cap of that conversation.

Wealth Generators' Crypto mining pros and cons

Sure, there might have been an edge of attitude to his response, but you have to admit the guy knows what he’s talking about. lol.

Basically, what he’s saying is he can buy a mining contract with the same hash rate as Crypto for a lower price, but with a 365-day contract instead of 1200 days.

He makes his money back and turns a profit in half the time that it would take with Crypto.

He uses that profit to upgrade to a higher hash rate, makes his money back again, turns a profit again, and uses the profits to upgrade to a higher hash rate…again.

He repeats this process again and again and again. So by the time 1200 days goes by, he’s at a hash rate 3-6 times higher than what he started with. The higher the hash rate, the more money you make.

With Crypto, on the other hand, you’ll be at the same hash rate the entire 1200 days with no possibility of raising it.

The benefit to Crypto’s mining contract, however, is that you don’t have to worry about selling a mining rig when it’s time to upgrade and there’s no need to learn a lot of techy stuff. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it type of deal so there’s a lot less work.

If you’re aggressive and want to maximize your profits, I’d recommend Hashflare. If you just want to make some money with as little stress as possible, I’d recommend Crypto.

Update: Instead of taking his word for it, here’s what I did…

Ryze AI

Ryze AI is artificial intelligence that makes Forex trades for you.

The minimum to open a Ryze AI account is $500. That does not mean you are losing $500. The money still belongs to you. It would be the same as opening a bank account that had a minimum requirement to open it. The $500 is there for the system to start making trades in your name.

As far as fees go, there is a $99 membership fee for new people the first year and then a monthly fee each year after that.

The monthly fee is based on the amount of currency in your account. If you have an All-in membership, it covers every monthly fees for nearly all products.

I’ve included a screen cap so you’ll know what everything means when you log into your account.

Ryze AI of Wealth Generators Income
(Side note: past results do not guarantee future profits.)

Deposits. This is the total amount of money that you’ve added to the account. In this case, the account was opened with $2460.14.

Closed P/L. This means “closed profit/loss.” Once you deposit money into your account, the system starts making trades for you. Closed P/L is the net amount of all the trades that Ryze has made for you. If the number is positive, you’re making money. In this case $526.94 of profit has been added to this account from successful automated trading. Several people were nice enough to let me look at their results for this review. Not a single one of them had a negative number here.

Balance. That’s the total amount of money that you have in your account. It’s the sum of “Deposits” added to “Closed P/L.”

Withdrawals. This is the total amount that you’ve withdrawn from the account. You can withdraw your money at any time. In this case, no money has ever been withdrawn.

Open P/L. This is the amount of money that is currently being invested. This will always be a negative number, but that doesn’t mean the money is lost. Because it’s being invested at the current time, it’s listed as a negative number until the trades close. When those trades close, they move to the Closed P/L section as a positive or negative depending on how the trade went.

Equity. This is the “Balance” minus “Open P/L.” It’s the amount of money that’s currently available for withdrawals. Since your Open P/L is money that is currently being invested, it won’t be available for withdrawal until after it closes, assuming it closes for a profit.


Deductr (yes, that’s the way it’s spelled) is an app that helps you get your spending habits in line.

I found this the least valuable tool of the bunch. Some say it will help you save hundreds by charting and tracking what you spend, and for some people that might be true, but a calculator and a little common sense will accomplish the same thing.

It doesn’t hurt to have it, though. Charts and automation do a lot to make the process quicker.

FX One

FX One is binary trading like Ryze AI, but it’s more hands on. You get live binary options trading sessions, trade alerts that tell you when to make trades, and training.

All of the trading sessions are recorded so you can review them when you want.

The benefit of FxOne is that you maintain more control of what trades you want to take. You’ll be more educated on how binary trading works than you would with Ryze AI, which does everything for you. You can fund your account to begin trading with as little as $100 whereas it takes $500 with Ryze AI.

FxOne was made as a better option for people who don’t have a ton of money lying around.

If you do have a lot of money, Ryze AI is a better choice because it does everything for you and frees you to work on other projects.

WG Money

WG Money is a library of videos and files. They are full of tips on how to manage money. They cover topics that we face in everyday life, like managing money when you have children, buying cars, student loans, and many other topics.

I’ve been exposed to most of the information already, but a little reminder never hurts, and I did learn some new tricks. These videos are worth studying.

In fact, I’d recommend you start with this section because they cover situations that we deal with every day. Crypto, Deductr, FX One, and Ryze AI can wait a couple days until you’re finished.

WG Start Ups

This was the most interesting product in Wealth Generators. Have you ever heard of the TV show, Shark Tank? It works on the same principle.

There are hundreds of new businesses out there looking for investors. Most are in the beginning stages. That’s when the profits can be at their highest.

WG Start Ups is a way to make investments in these companies by buying stock in the beginning. I saw some products in there that I believe will make a lot of people very wealthy.

Wealth Generators Tools & Training

The back office is awesome. New members are placed in what’s called the Waiting Room for 30 days. You have the option of placing them under other members if you want. Members do that to motivate their team and to get promotions when the situation calls for it.

You get 4 affiliate links, presentation videos, PDF files, and PowerPoint presentations.

The back office is very organized. Corporate does weekly trainings to show you how to use the tools that they provide.

You might also get group training depending on who you join with.

Wealth Generators Support

Wealth Generators’ support line is 888-778-5372. They’re available from 10AM-7PM EST.

Wealth Generator’ email address is

Wealth Generators Compensation Plan

Wealth Generators' Guaranteed Generator rank

Each person gets 3 people on their front line, meaning anyone sponsored after the 3rd will still be in your downline, but will not do anything for increasing your bonus. Each person, depending on the products they purchase, is worth 100-150 PV (personal volume), which is why it only takes 3-4 people to break even.

Personal volume is any volume generated by your purchases and the purchases made by people that you personally sponsored.

In the example above, everyone is worth 100 PV because they bought limited-product memberships. If everyone got the All-in package, they would be worth 150 PV each and everyone would advance faster. That’s why people are earning $500 a month with as little as 9 people.

Wealth Generators Compensation Plan
As you can see from the chart above, you have to maintain a personal volume (PV) of 400 in order to qualify for any bonus, which is 3-4 people, depending on what products everyone bought.

To get promotions, you must maintain 400 PV, plus meet the minimum requirements for your group, which is tracked under QGV. QGV volume is calculated by adding your PV to all volume generated by the people your personal team has sponsored.

For example, if you sponsor Bob, Bob’s purchases are a part of you PV. If Bob sponsors Jack, your QGV would be Bob’s purchases plus Jack’s purchases plus your own purchases.

Max Volume from One Leg is their way of ensuring everyone is spread out evenly. This benefits you because someone above you might put someone that they sponsored under you to meet this requirement because it could be their only way of qualifying for a promotion.

This is not guaranteed to happen, but it does happen. My first recruit was placed under me by someone in my upline, so I know from personal experience that it does happen.

All of the payments listed under Wealth Club Bonus are repeat monthly payments for as long as the minimum requirements are met.

My Final Opinion of Wealth Generators

People join network marketing companies to make money. Money, for most companies, can only be generated by recruiting new reps or selling the products. Either way, a sale has to be made.

Wealth Generators is the only one that I’ve heard of that that doesn’t apply to.

I think it was ingenious to use products that make you money regardless of sales.

That makes it possible for a lot of people to succeed with this business who would have failed with any other.

I’m talking about people who don’t like sales, people who don’t like to talk to people, shy people, people who have more money to invest than time to promote a business.

For people who do decide to promote the business, knowing you don’t need anybody to buy anything for you to make money makes the experience a lot less stressful.

Despite all of that, Wealth Generators’ products are pricey. They can eat into your profits, so my recommendation to anyone thinking about joining is to get in and make it your goal to sponsor enough people to get rid of the membership fee. You can always stop after the membership fee is gone if you don’t like recruiting, but at least get rid of that fee.

The risk of losing money with those products is there, but they have a history of winning, and without the monthly fee, any money you make is pure profit.

FINAL RATING: 8 out of 10

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