Is the Earnin App Legit?

Is the Earnin App Legit?

Is the Earnin App Legit?Name: Earnin App
Price: Free
Type: Payday loan alternative
Overall Rank: 99 out of 100

Is the Earnin App Legit?

If you’re looking for a quick answer, yes, the Earnin app is legit. Feel free to Sign up.

If you’re looking for more details, you’re in luck because this just happens to be a complete review of the Earnin App.

I’m going to give you a thorough overview of how it works, the logic behind it, the pricing, all the advantages, and the two things to be aware of to keep the app from turning into a major problem.

What is the Earnin App?

Earnin is an app that will probably put every payday loan company out of business within 2-4 years. It works the same as a payday loan, meaning you get an advancement of a portion of future pay and the company debits your account on pay day.

What sets Earnin apart from every other payday loan service is that they don’t charge a set fee. Other payday loan services charge between $15-30 per $100 lent, which usually turns into about 400% interest by the time the loan gets paid back.

Instead of charging a fee, Earnin lets you choose how much you want to pay by leaving a tip that can range from $0 – $13.50.

How awesome is that?


How Does Earnin Work?

You link your bank account so they can debit the money you owe on pay day.

You enter your work address and it tracks the hours you work by using your phone’s location. Whatever amount of time you spend at that location, your phone will track it and add it to your available earnings so it can be withdrawn when you need it.

You’ll know when the hours have registered because you’ll hear a cha-ching, much like a cash register. It kind of reminded me of my drop shipping days with eBay and DS Domination.

On pay day, they debit the amount you borrowed plus the tip if you chose to leave one.


How Fast Do You Get Your Money?

Personally, I didn’t really need it, but I used it anyway to make sure it was legit. I worked a day, but instead of waiting for the hours to show up on their own within a day or two after working like they usually do, I took a picture of the time sheet and sent it in.

After about 10 minutes, I got a notification saying the money was in my account and ready to be taken out.

In addition to taking a picture of your time sheet to speed up how fast the money is available for withdrawal, you also have the option of linking your debit card to the account to speed up how fast you get the cash advancement.

I linked mine and I got my cash within 5 minutes of requesting it.


Is the Earnin App Really Free?

Yes, it’s really free although they do make it very clear that they want you to leave a tip.

If I really needed this service, I wouldn’t have a problem with leaving 5-10% as a tip since the only other option is getting robbed for up to 30% by a payday loan company. In this case, I only tipped $2 for the $100 that I withdrew because I was only doing it to make sure it was legit for this review.


How Much Can I Cash Out?

Everyone starts at $100 per pay period. You have the potential to get your limit raised to as high as $500 for an individual or you can get access to your entire pay check if your job partners directly with Earnin.

Here’s what you need to do to get your max raised:

Manage your money

Remember earlier in the review when I said you link your bank account to the app? That means they know how much money is in your account at all times. Show that you know how to manage money by making sure your account never goes negative. They’ll know if it does and that counts against you.

Use Earnin regularly and responsibly

They give higher limits to people that they’ve known for a while, people who tip, and people who have the money they owe available to Earnin on the day that it’s supposed to be returned. This includes making sure the bank info is correct so there are no hold-ups when it’s time to pay them back.

Tell your job about Earnin

This is optional, of course, but Earnin will make your entire paycheck available to you if your job chooses to partner with them. A copy-and-paste solicitation is available on the app that you can tweet to your employer. If they partner together, you’ll have access to your whole pay check whenever you need it.


The Only App that Gives You Superpowers

Earnin App Overdraft ProtectionOkay, you won’t have real superpowers, but you do get access to two features that I thought were awesome and well-thought-out.

First, you can link your debit card to your account to speed up how fast you get your cash-outs. The alternative is to have your money direct deposited to your bank account, which takes a few days. When it’s deposited to a debit card, it takes less than 5 minutes.

I requested a payout and logged into my bank account immediately. The money was already there.

The second superpower is Balance Shield, the ability to prevent overdraft fees before they ever happen. You can set your account to automatically deposit up to $100 (assuming you have wages available for withdrawal) once your bank account drops below $100.

This is a great way to prevent your account from going negative so you never have to deal with overdraft fees.


My Final Opinion of the Earnin App

Use it if you need it. It works; it’s legit and it’s affordable.

A few words of caution though:

1. Always leave a tip. Don’t mess up a good thing. Earnin is leaving it up to you decide how much you want to pay for a service that has a ton of value, but make no mistakes about it, they are a business and businesses have to make money to stay in business.

If everyone uses up their resources without compensating them, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them cut the pay-what-you-think-is-fair option and start charging a flat rate.

If you’re going to use it, do your part to keep the charge flexible by tipping every time, even if it’s just a few dollars.

2. No one likes waiting to get paid, but one of the benefits of getting paid every two weeks is that it makes you be more responsible in budgeting your money. Don’t start spending frivolously and end up in a bad situation just because you can get your pay early with Earnin.

Sign up for Earnin and tell me about your experiences with it in the comments below.


FINAL RATING: 99 out of 100


What is Now Lifestyle?

What is Now Lifestyle?

Name: NOW LifestyleWhat is NOW Lifestyle?

Price: $1 Trial, $50 Monthly
Type: Network Marketing
Overall Rank: 87 out of 100

What is NOW Lifestyle?

Now Lifestyle is one of many projects owned and operated by Joel Therien.

In some ways, it’s almost an exact replica of 7-Minute Workout, another one of Joel Therien’s projects that have a strong emphasis on combining the fitness industry with the money-making industry.

Now Lifestyle is a network marketing company whose core products are fitness related (the 7-Minute Workout program that was carried over from the original MLM brand of the same name) and Internet marketing tools (the email autoresponder called Send Shark, which is very similar to Joel’s other autoresponder software called GVO).

In fact, you might say Now Lifestyle is a new and improved reboot of Joel’s earlier work.

Not that that’s a bad thing. Re branding has it’s purposes that benefit the owner as well as the marketers, which I’ll get into later.


What I Like about Now Lifestyle:

Guaranteed Paid Sign Ups

I’ve never seen this before. You can can actually buy sign ups.

You pay a set price, which at the time that this article was written, was $40 per guaranteed sign up, available in sets of five. The company advertises on your behalf until the number of sign ups that you purchased is fulfilled.

As far as I know, NLS is the first and only MLM company to do this.

Be warned, though, that their responsibility stops after the sign up is made. It’s still your responsibility to contact, coach, and retain that person.

If your recruit gets buyer’s remorse and decides to quit shortly after he signs up, the company will not replace him. It’s not entirely risk free, but I still feel this deal is a steal at this price.


Make money from 3 genres

Now Lifestyle is different. I’ve found that with most network marketing companies, you make money by referring other people who want to make money or by selling the products.

If you’re trying to recruit someone who is already in a company, you won’t make money from them unless you give them a good reason to leave their company and switch to yours.

Something I really like about Now Lifestyle is that no one has to leave their present company for you to do business with them because their product line covers three distinct categories.

(1) There’s the network marketing system, of course, but you can (2) sell the workout system as a standalone product to people who want to get fit. And then there’s (3) the autoresponder, Send Shark, that allows you to make money from people who might not want to switch businesses completely, but still need a way to follow up with their prospects from other businesses.

Send Shark is awesome because it keeps you close to other Internet marketers. They might not be in the market for a new opportunity now, but who knows. Maybe in a few months, they will be, and Send Shark is an awesome way for you to provide value, give them a reason to stay in touch, and make money from someone who might not have had any reason to do business with you otherwise.


The new name doesn’t sound so gimmicky

Like I mentioned earlier:

  • NOW Lifestyle is a new and improved version of 7-Minute Workout
  • Send Shark is a new and improved version of GVO

… but now…

… the name implies living a better lifestyle, which is something we all want. They do that by improving your health and financial stability at the same time.

A name like 7-Minute Workout would only appeal to people who want to lose weight, and even then, it sounds so gimmicky that some people who genuinely want to lose weight might be turned off by the name.

I thought re-branding what is virtually the same business under a different name was very smart.

It’s still using the same workout system from before. In fact, all the workout videos are the same videos that were used in 7-Minute Workout. They still mention 7MW throughout the demos.

The difference is that when you hear the name of the company, instead of thinking it’s yet another weight loss gimmick, you think of living it up as a sexy, fit, entrepreneur who has money to do whatever you want.


Everything you need is within the back office

Now Lifestyle stands out from other MLM companies because it was made by a network marketer for other network marketers. Joel Therien knows follow-up is extremely important.

Instead of making you buy an autoresponder from companies like Aweber, Get Response, or Mail Chimp, he includes Send Shark with your membership.

Send Shark is actually what brought me back to NLS. I’d quit NLS to promote a business opportunity that I thought was better.

A few weeks later, I saw an ad for Send Shark. I was happy with Aweber, but Send Shark costs way less when you start getting into the higher numbers.

In addition to email, they also offer paid sign ups, a customizable lead capture system, tracking tools, and some of the best videos on mindset that I’ve ever seen.

Some people will feel tempted to skip the mindset videos, but personally I think that’s where most people need to start and continue to watch again every month or two just to refresh their memories.


What I Didn’t Like about Now Lifestyle:

Guaranteed Paid Sign Ups, where are you?

The guaranteed paid sign ups made it to the negative list as well.

As a person who has struggled in the past with network marketing just like everyone else who has tried it, I can understand the appeal of having this feature.

The main thing I can’t stand about it is that it’s not available enough. You really have to be lucky to just happen to log in at the right time when it’s available and buy before they take it down again.

They are constantly testing what’s working, which is a good thing because it ensures they’re delivering the goods, but it can be frustrating waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of this feature.

During my time with the company, I got very familiar with this very irritating sign.

Guaranteed Paid Signups Sold Out


$170 a Month for Nutritional Supplements? Really?

I’m not the biggest fan of supplements to begin with. I’m not going to get into why because that’s a totally different topic, but if we’re going to buy supplements, they should be reasonably priced.

NLS prices seem to be a lot higher than what you’d find in a nutrition store. They’ll say it’s because it’s a higher quality, but really it’s to cover payouts on commissions.


They want you to make them money, yet they charge to teach you how to do it

One thing that perplexes me is that they have insider training on a variety of marketing topics to help turn you into a super recruiter.

That’s awesome. It makes sense that they would want you to be a super recruiter because the more money you make, the more money they make.

What I don’t understand is that some of this training costs an additional fee to get it. We’re not talking about light change either. This info can cost up to $2500!

On top of that, it’s only commissionable if you own it. That means if someone you refer buys it and you haven’t bought it yourself, you can’t get a commission from it.

That method of marketing is a throw-back to the golden years of Empower Network when David Wood and Dave Sharp started the trend. It seemed like genius back then, but now I’m seeing it for what it really is: a way to milk extra money out of their members.

It’s challenging enough to make money online even when you know what you’re doing. They shouldn’t be charging a sign up fee and then charging an extra 4 figures to teach you how to sell their products and services. What kind of sense does that make?

In their defense, they do have a great tutorial for getting into the money quickly under the “Grow your Business” tab, so it’s not like they’re leaving you to fend for yourself unless you upgrade.

Who is Now Lifestyle For?

This company is great for a variety of people

  • People wanting to get in shape
  • People who workout, but want a faster way of doing it
  • People who are already in shape and want to try a new system
  • Email marketers who just want access to Send Shark
  • Network marketers looking for a new business
  • Fitness enthusiast who want access to the supplements


Now Lifestyle Products and Services

Whey Protein – Comes in chocolate and vanilla with 24-26 grams of protein per serving.

Eliminate – Fiber capsules with about 1 gram of fiber per serving of three capsules.

Elevate – This is Now Lifestyle’s vitamin supplement. It has a major emphasis on energy, which I guess is the reason for the name. Most of its ingredients and B vitamins and other supplements that are related to boosting energy.

Cost of Supplements: Supplements are sold in groups of 5 (2 jars of whey protein, 2 jars of fiber, and 1 jar of energy booster). The set is a one-month supply that costs $169.97 or you can put it on auto ship and save $20.

From what I saw on the website, it doesn’t look like they can be purchased individually.


The 7-Minute Workout Fitness System

This is the workout system that started it all. Joel Therien is in awesome shape for a man in his mid-40s and he claims this is the exact system that he used to get in that condition.

If the only thing you’re interested in is fitness, this system can be purchased as a standalone product for $25 a month or $197 yearly.


The Bundle Package – $50 with a $1 Trial

The special is an all-in bundle that includes the 7-Minute Workout fitness system, a reseller account, and use of the Send Shark auto email responder for $50 a month with an option to try it for $1. There is no yearly option at this level as it already has the most value for the price.


Now Lifestyle Tools & Training

Send Shark – $25 monthly or $197 yearly

This is the email follow up system that can be used to promote any business. I chose this service over Aweber because they pretty much do the same thing except Send Shark costs way less.


NLS University – $997 – $2497 depending on how soon you buy it after you sign up

This is the virtual training camp that I was talking about earlier. It has a lot of useful information that will teach you how to be an unstoppable marketer, but as I was saying earlier, I think it’s ridiculous that you have to pay an additional fee to learn skills that will help you promote their business.

On the flip side, you get 50% commissions if any of your recruits buy them after you’ve bought them, so the payouts could add up to a lot more than the investment. It just depends on what you value more.


Here’s what you get with the Now Lifestyle University:

Email Marketing 101 AND Advanced Email Marketing

Learn to market with email. Works well with Send Shark.


NOW Body Certification

This is where you learn everything about myths, nutrition, and exercise, to become certified to train with NLS.


Instagram Domination

Learn what you need to know to turn Instagram into a marketing machine. Again, this is something that would help the company, and you, make more money, so why they make you buy this information, I do know.


Top 10 Income Leaders Interview Series

Interviews with the top 10 income earners where they pick their brains so you can learn from the best.


How to Create a Lead Magnet

Here they teach you how to get people to know, like, and trust you so they buy from you. Again, wouldn’t it be in their best interest if all NOW Lifestyle members knew how to do this?


Traffic and Conversions

Two things you’ll need or you will never make money.


How to Scale Your Business

How to do all the things you did to create a small income on a bigger scale to multiply your results.


Video Marketing

Learn why videos should be a cornerstone in your business.

Side note: I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but again, shouldn’t they be teaching you this for free if they expect you to sell their products and services?


Now Lifestyle Compensation Plan

Pays out 100% commissions by offering 50% commissions on your direct sales plus a 50% matching bonus on the commissions of anyone you sponsor directly.

Binary compensation plan qualifications.

  1. Maintain a distributor of the Now Lifestyle System.
  2. Personally enroll 2 people with one person on your left and one on the right.
  3. Enroll 1 new member a month, up to 6 personals.

Now Lifestyle Support

When I joined NLS the first time, they were going through some growing pains so I wasn’t too happy with them.

This time around, their support has been very timely and helpful. You can access support by clicking the Support tab at the top of any page in the members’ area.


My Final Opinion of Now Lifestyle

First, I want to point out that Now Lifestyle has a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee and they honor it very well.

I’ve actually had to use it twice.

The first was when I first heard of NLS and joined because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to promote them or Wealthy Affiliate. Obviously Wealthy Affiliate won so I canceled and got a refund.

The second time was when I found out about how much money I’d save using Send Shark instead of Aweber. I signed up for another full membership because I needed to lose weight anyway, but in the end, I decided to only use Send Shark.

They honored the money-back guarantee both times without any hassle.

That being said, if you think Now Lifestyle or Send Shark might be something you could benefit from but you’re still having doubts, I recommend you just buy a membership and try it for 30 days instead of getting too caught up in what other people have to say about it.

Worse case scenario, you cancel; they give your money back.

The Bottom Line….

To be honest, from what I read, I don’t think it’s possible to excel with this business without mastering the topics taught in NLS University.

I wouldn’t recommend joining unless you’re joining with the intent of buying the all-in package that is NLS University, otherwise you’re lacking a lot of crucial information that you’re going to need for success.

My advice is to get in knowing you’re going to invest 4 figures up front or don’t get in at all unless, of course, you’re doing it more to lose weight than to make money.

But even then, the course called NOW Body Certification is where you find the killer information on fat loss and you can’t access that either without upgrading.

This is one of the many reasons I chose Wealthy Affiliate over everything else that’s out there.

They don’t have upsells other than an option to pay yearly.

No information is ever held back.

As a matter of fact, take a look at how the two businesses stack up.

FINAL RATING: 87 out of 100

Or click here to visit NOW Lifestyle.

Are you a member of Now Lifestyle or thinking about joining? I would like to hear what you think of this review. Leave your comments below.

Paperclip Strategy

Paperclip Strategy

The paperclip strategy for motivationHere’s how I used 2 jars and 300 paper clips to get out of a slump and keep me moving ever closer to my goals.

There was once a salesperson who was a no-name with his company. He became the number 1 earner at the company in a short period of time.

When asked how he did it, he said he simply started every day with 120 paper clips in a jar. He moved one paper clip to the other jar after every cold call and he didn’t stop until the jar was empty.

After reading about this strategy, I decided to try it.

I was constantly getting sidetracked with other opportunities to make money doing side jobs. I had money, but I wasn’t making it the way I wanted to.

My ultimate goal was to build a residual income from home using Internet marketing so I would be free to do what I want, when I want to do it, not pick up side gigs around town.

I went to Target and bought a box of 350 paper clips and 2 small jars.

A few days after, I shot this video.

I would move 1 paper clip from one jar to the other for each blog post that I researched, wrote, and promoted according to my Blog Post Check List.

I counted out 300 paper clips from the 350.

Why 300 instead of using 120 like the salesman?

1. I like the movie 300. The Greeks had 300 highly trained soldiers going up against millions of Persians. I want 300 (minimum) well-written, highly search-engine optimized blog posts making me money against the millions of pages of competition that are out there.

2. One thing that I for got to mention in the video is that there’s another hidden benefit to using hundreds of paper clips. Consistency is key when it comes to Internet marketing, especially when SEO is concerned. Setting my goal to 300 ensures I stay on the path even when I’m feeling discouraged, which all marketers will feel at one point or another.

3. It forms a great habit. They say it takes 21 days of repetition to form a habit. It’ll probably take at least a year to write all those articles with the check list’s specifications. Next to healthy habits, money-making habits are some of the best habits to develop. By the time you go through 300 paperclips, you’ll have formed a money-making habit that’ll never be broken.


Under no circumstances are you allowed to quit before the jar is empty!

Actual photo of the paper clip strategyThis strategy has been working wonders for me.

I started out slow. The jars and paper clips were just sitting there for a few days taunting me and collecting dust.

Eventually I got tired of looking at them so I worked on getting the 12 posts that I had already written up to date (according the Blog Post Check List.)

Once I saw those 12 paperclips in the jar, it lit a fire in me. I wanted to move the next one and the next one after that.

At this point, I’m even thinking about adding a 24th step to the check list.

I want to make sure I don’t forget to watch the training videos because the paper clip strategy is working so well that I’ve found myself lagging behind in keeping up with the new training every now and then because my mind is so focused on completing the check list. Keeping up with training is important too.


What you will need:

  • 2 jars (about $2 each)
  • 1 box of paper clips (about $2)

The total was about $8 with tax and it’s a tax deductible business expense.

Download the 2018 Blog Post Checklist

There are 23 action items total. For every blog post, start at the beginning and make sure you complete all action items (it’s okay to skip the action items that don’t have to be on all blog posts).

For each blog post that you complete according to the check lists specifications, move 1 paper clip to the other jar.

Don’t stop until the first jar is empty.


Whatever your goal, use this strategy

I actually found out about this strategy when I was reading an article that was written by a fitness trainer. He was suggesting we apply it to fitness, which I did, but I was more eager to apply it to making money.

This is a method that can and will help you with any goal that you’ve set for yourself.

The key is to determine the actions that are crucial for getting you closer to your goal and apply them to that.

For example, the salesman wanted to make sales so he moved a paper clip every time he made a call regardless of the outcome. He knew his skills would develop as he interacted with prospects, he would get better, and soon the sales would come.

When I decided to do it, I was originally going to apply it to income-producing activities only. Activities like posting to social media, emailing my list, and getting web pages submitted to Google for indexing.

Then I realized my main goal is to excel in getting my sites to rank well on search engines so I could always have a steady supply of new leads coming in instead of chasing my friends and family around, not just make sales.

The keys to making that happen were not just doing IPA. They were to make every post align with Google’s specifications and be consistent doing it. That’s why I chose to include the whole 23-step process instead of just income-producing activities.

If my goal was just to make some sales here and there, yes, IPA would be the only thing moving paper clips from one jar to the next.

What are your goals?So tell me…

…what are your goals?

What mountains are you trying to climb and how can the paperclip strategy help you get there?

What actions are you going to link to the paperclips that will ultimately help you reach your goal?

Leave your answers in the Comment below.

World Ventures Travel Club Review

World Ventures Travel Club Review

Name: World VenturesWorld Ventures Travel Club Review
Price: Initial fee: $129.98 – $399.98 plus a monthly fee: $29.99 – $99.99
Type: Network Marketing
Overall Rank: 8 out of 10


What is World Ventures?

Started in 2005, the World Ventures Travel Club is a travel club that is best known for its use of an MLM system to promote its business.

You pay an enrollment fee and a monthly fee to get discounts on vacation packages, rental cars, plane fare, dining, and other things related to travel and vacationing.

People who want to make money van choose to pay an additional monthly fee to register as a sales affiliate. From there, you can make money by signing new customers and by developing a sales team of recruits like you.


What I Liked about World Ventures

1. There’s a membership fee, but it stays with you

This blew my mind. It was new to me. I’ve never heard of a company doing this before.

World Ventures has a membership fee just like every other network marketing company. The price of the fee depends on the travel package you choose. Typical MLM stuff.

What isn’t typical is that they return all the money that you’ve spent on your membership fee back to you in the form of a credit that you can apply to a dream vacation after 12 months. I’ve seen other companies do that in limited amounts, but never all of it for a whole year.

As I explained earlier, World Ventures has 3 membership levels. Let’s say you’re in at the highest level, which is $100 per month. That would mean you’d have $1200 saved for your vacation after a year. It can be applied towards flight tickets, hotel fees, cruise fares, anything. It’s almost like having a vacation savings account.


2. The business is built around rest and relaxation

Rest and relaxation vacationI like the fact that WV is built around rest and relaxation. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard to make money with it, but to use the products is to pamper yourself with rest.

That’s something that people tend to neglect in this day and age.
I’m guilty of it myself.


3. A product that everyone uses

In keeping with the theme of living a fun lifestyle, World Ventures gets you discounts on fun activities like dining out, which brings up the opportunity to use the Flye card to strike up a conversation about the business.

All of this is theoretical though. Regardless of whether the Flye card becomes a great lead generator, it still helps organize your credit cards. I’ll tell you how when we get to the products.


What I Didn’t Like about World Ventures:

1. It takes to long to see a profit

If I wanted to nitpick, I could complain that it takes a little longer to break even on the membership fee than I would like.

Ideally, you want to break even within 2 sales to wipe out that monthly fee in a hurry. The faster you and your team can start seeing a profit, the less likely you (or they) are to quit.

Attrition is a major problem with MLM. High payouts are a major solution.

2. The commission plan is hard to understand

World Ventures has so many angles to their commission plan that I’m not even going to attempt to explain it. Instead, I’ll just link to it.

Here’s the WorldVentures commission plan for your viewing enjoyment.

I also heard that you don’t start making money until you’ve recruited 30 salespeople and/or customers below you. I’m not so sure I believe that one or why would anyone do it? They probably meant you don’t earn a decent income until it reaches that high, which is almost just as bad.

3. A little bad publicity goes a long way… too long!

World Ventures had a lawsuit filed against them in Cape Town, Africa. In fact, it’s banned there, labeled an illegal pyramid scheme.

It’s not illegal at all, but it’s an uphill battle trying to convince people something’s legit after it’s been branded like that.


Who is World Ventures For?

World Ventures would be a good fit for any of the following:

  • Travelers
  • People who eat out frequently
  • People who know people who travel a lot
  • People who like network marketing


World Ventures Products and Services

The Flye Card

The Flye Card by WorldVenturesThey have a system that takes into account that not everyone is an expert marketer or willing to become one. They have a product called the Flye Card that does a great job of opening doors for conversation, and that conversation revolves around the business.

You know what a smart phone is, right? The Flye card is a smart credit card that allows you to load the information for several credit cards onto one card.

See the image to the right? That section that says VISA is actually a touch screen.

You can load all your credit cards onto the Flye card and swipe until you get to the one that you want to use, all while that little green light is blinking in the background.

Great for organization and starting conversations, but beware. There is a fee to use it.

Personally, I don’t use credit cards unless it’s to invest in something that will make me more money than I lose in interest so I wouldn’t bother with it, but it would be perfect for people who use various credit cards


Dream Trips is the side of the business that deals with the main product, traveling. This is where you go to book your trips, plan trips, and log into your marketplace.


The Dream Trips Market Place is a place to shop. You can use your own money or use credits.


World Ventures Tools & Training

You’ll get plenty of training within World Ventures, but the best training usually comes from the group that you join in.

The person who was trying to recruit me, for example, had a totally separate Facebook group set up and did all the training from there.

There were regular posts informing people of new tips, updates, strategies, etc.


World Ventures Support

Phone supportThis is another place where WV could use some improvement.

Support is only available Monday – Friday from 9:30AM-6PM EST by phone. That can be a headache when you need to talk to a real human being in a hurry. The phone number is

A contact form is available at any time, but keep in mind that no one will answer unless it’s between those hours on those days.

I think a business whose primary customers are working class people should be available on weekends when those people are off work and more likely to need service.


World Ventures Price

What you get with a Basic membership

$129.98 initial fee + $29.99 per month.

  • Access to 5000+ Dream Trips


What you get with a Gold membership

$254.98 initial fee + $54.99 per month

  • All Basic benefits
  • 24/7 concierge
  • Dining discounts
  • Entertainment discounts
  • DreamTrips online shopping
  • DreamTrips rewards
  • Eligible for the Flye card


What you get with a Platinum membership

$399.98 initial fee + $99.99 per month

  • Everything from the first 2
  • Telemedicine
  • Roadside assistance
  • Emergency evacuation – (might actually come in handy these days)


My Final Opinion of World Ventures

World Ventures is a solid business opportunity. The Flye card blew my mind the first time I saw it and it had me ready to sign up.

I thought it over and decided against it, but I think it would still be a great conversation starter for people who have trouble pitching the company to people they don’t know.

World Ventures gets my thumb of approval. It’s legit.

FINAL RATING: 8 out of 10

Important Side Note:

You’re a smart person.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I am not promoting Word Ventures even after I was willing to give it 8 out of 10 and spok so highly of it.

That would be because of another business.

It’s a business that I gave a perfect rating to.

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

It is the one and only business to ever earn a perfect rating on this site because it’s the one and only business that I couldn’t think of anything negative to say about.

Both are great opportunities in their own way, but Wealthy Affiliate has features and a system that will appeal to more people than any system I’ve seen used by a Word Ventures group.

Plus Wealthy Affiliate has an option to try it for free. Even if you’re a paid member, it only takes 2 people to break even. It takes 4 with World Ventures.

We also have to take into consideration that if you’re busy building a business, you might not have time for the fun filled product line of WV.

Any truthful entrepreneur will tell you fun is one of the first things you sacrifice when you’re building a business. Let’s be honest here. You’ll be working a lot, especially in the beginning. You might not get to enjoy those tax-deductable business trips until farther down the line.

Finally, if you join World Ventures, your prospects will want to research it before joining. WV had a lawsuit filed against it in Cape Town, Africa.

It has a mediocre BBB rating of only 3.5 in the USA.

Good luck convincing people to join after they find out about that stuff.

A better route to go would be my #1 Recommendation.

What is CryptoX3?

What is CryptoX3?

Name: CryptoX3What is CryptoX3

Price: $25-200
Type: Crowdfunding / Affiliate Program
Overall Rank: 6 out of 10

What is CryptoX3?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people.

CryptoX3 is a crowdfunding program that accepts three crypto currencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin – as payment.

The way it works is you invest $25-200 worth of these crypto currencies.

Robert Q Cash (Robert Matias)The owner, whose name is Robert Matias, aka Robert Q Cash, invests your crypto currency, which usually turns into a good profit for him.

After 15 or 30 days, you get your initial investment back plus the agreed upon interest rate, which is currently up to 300%.

CryptoX3 used to be called BitcoinX4 because they only accepted Bitcoin and your initial investment was multiplied by four once you cycled through the time period.

CryptoX3 also has an affiliate program. The affiliate program is a good way to earn additional commissions by referring new members to the crowdfunding program.

All commissions are paid in crypto currency, not cash.


What I Liked about CryptoX3:

1. No recruiting or sales

You don’t have to recruit unless you want to, although I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to earn extra income just for telling people they can make easy money by putting $25 worth of crypto-currency in an account and wait 30 days.

Regardless, it’s not a requirement so people who aren’t good with sales can see a profit in their first month.

2. The affiliate program is awesome

I like the concept of blending a crowdfunding program with an affiliate program. If you refer people to the site, CryptoX3 becomes CryptoX5, meaning you get up to 5 times the initial investment back.


What I Didn’t Like about CryptoX3:

1. I don’t trust the owner as far as I can throw him

I wrote a separate review about Robert Matias, the owner of CryptoX3, because the way I feel about the business is not the same as the way I feel about the owner. As much as I like CryptoX3, if you’re thinking about joining it, I’d recommend you read that review first so you know who you’re dealing with.

The only reason CryptoX3 got an average rating was because of the owner so I suggest you take the time to read that review before you join. The same business under different leadership would’ve gotten a better ranking.

2. It’s legit, but technically illegal

CryptoX3 is legit, but the way they advertise is technically illegal because you’re legally not allowed to make guarantees of income in the United States and Canada. There’s a disclaimer at the bottom of the website to help comply with this law, but the way their content is worded still makes it sound like a guarantee.

A company called Usi Tech was shut down in the USA and Canada because a few of its members were making guarantees in their advertising.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happens to CryptoX3 eventually. Robert Matias knows it’s a possibility, which is probably why he’s instructed all of his members to have a quick way to transfer their money out if things go bad for whatever reason, which I think is very smart of him.

Having an exit strategy is always a great idea. It could be problems with the IRS or maybe the value of crypto currency could drop. It’s best to be prepared for scenarios.

3. Why all the name changes?

First it was BitcoinX4.

Then it was CryptoX3.

I went to the site to do an update on this review. It looked like there was another version of the business that was about to launch, once again.

Why keep changing the name?


Who is CryptoX3 For?

Anyone can benefit from a crowdfunding program, but it’s especially beneficial for these people:

  • People who want to make money without recruiting
  • People who need to multiply their money within 15-30 days
  • People who are tired of MLM / network marketing
  • People interested in multiplying the crypto currency that they already have
  • Anyone looking for a passive way to make money from home
  • It’s a dream come true for introverts and shy people


CryptoX3 Membership Levels and Price

Here’s how it breaks down:

Bitcoin and money

You can make an initial investment of $25, $50, $100, or $200.

You can choose to withdraw your cash in 15 days for a lesser payout. If you have not referred anyone to the program and you withdraw in 15 days, your payout is 120% of the initial investment.

If you refer 3-5 people, your payout is 200%.

If you refer 6-8 people, your payout is 300%.

If you refer 9 or more, your payout is 360%.

The next option is to wait an additional 15 days to get full payouts. If you wait a complete 30 days and refer no one to the program, your payout is 200% instead of 120%.

If you refer 3-5 people, your payout is 300% instead of 200%.

Refer 6-8 people and your payout is 400% instead of 300%.

And refer 9 or more people and get 500% of the initial investment back instead of the 360% that you would have gotten for 15 days.

These number are for $25 investments only. They change as the investment goes up.


CryptoX3 Tools & Training

Training is done via the website. Most marketing is done with social media. None of it is hard, but it does require action on your part and a lot of consistency. I didn’t see anything that I thought required any strong learning for the affiliate program or the crowdfunding program.


CryptoX3 Support

Support is done through Facebook groups. Up to 250 people are in each group. Each group is moderated by admins that used to be called Knights, but now they call them Group Admins.

Admins are pretty good about getting back to members when they have issues, but I have heard numerous complaints about Admins getting rude in private chat with the members. I can’t verify it, of course, so don’t assume it’s true, but that’s what I’ve heard from several members.

I never had that issue because I joined under a family member who was also an admin. When I had questions or concerns, I just asked her.

Group admins are only there to help with anything not related to money. Robert Matias handles anything that deals with fulfilling payouts. He’s the only one handling money issues so sometimes it takes a few extra days to get paid when it’s your turn to get paid. I guess the man has some trust issues.

Either way, it might take a little longer than what’s advertised, but he will pay you eventually… assuming you don’t make him mad.


My Final Opinion of CryptoX3

I think the concept of CryptoX3 is awesome. The fact that someone with no sales experience and as little as $25 can be making money within 15 days is great. I love it. The only thing I don’t like about CryptoX3 is the person who’s running the program.

Actually, I shouldn’t say that I don’t like him. I’ve never met Robert Matias and I’ve only talked to him briefly on a Facebook chat. From what I see of him, he seems to be a smart individual and a hard worker, but he lets his emotions influence his business decisions.

Is it smart to trust a hot head with your cash?

The same business in the hands of better leadership would have gotten ratings off the charts.

I think crowdfunding crypto currency is an excellent idea, but there are many programs similar to CryptoX3 that will pay you on time and you won’t have to argue with the owner to get paid. Doesn’t that sound nice?

For that reason, I would not recommend joining CryptoX3. A better choice would be 20 to Infinity if you’re looking to multiply your crypto currency. I haven’t heard any complaints about them and it only costs $20 to join.


If you insist on joining CryptoX3 anyway…

I understand that some people might still want to join CryptoX3 anyway because maybe you don’t believe anything I said. Maybe you think Robert Matias was justified in his actions. Whatever the case, if you still want to join, that’s fine with me, but here’s a little advice on maximizing your profits.

I’d recommend you stick to the lower priced membership levels. Don’t even bother with any membership over $50.

As I said before, membership levels are $25, $50, $100, and $200. The $25 level can pay out as much as 5 times what you put into it. The $200 level only pays out up to 3.5 times.

That means you’re not making as much money buying a $200 membership as you would make buying eight $25 memberships or four $50 memberships.

Stick to small packages and buy multiple memberships if you want to go big, don’t bother going over $50 as far as membership levels go.

FINAL RATING: 6 out of 10

Click here to see my #1 Recommendation
(they won’t rip you off)

Did you enjoy this review? Are you a member of CryptoX3 Are you thinking about joining CryptoX3? I like to hear from my readers. Use the Comments field below to tell me what you think, and if you got any value from this review, please Share it.